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The Persuaders !

The Persuaders ! Dates : 1971 - 1972
24 episodes of 48 min
First broadcasting : 3 Octobre 1972
Creator(s) : Robert S. Baker
Producer(s) : Robert S. Baker
Music : John Barry
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French Traduire


Two anonymous invitations to the Riviera hotel on the French Riviera bring a rich American industrialist Danny Wilde and an English aristocrat Lord Brett Sinclair to meet. Their meeting is unexpected, but planned and well maneuvered by Judge Fulton.

Our two accomplices are first side by side at a red light side and decide to run a race. Brett Sinclair is aboard his famous Aston Martin DBS. It is registered BS1 (in reference to that of the saint - ST1). In episode 6, registration changes (PPP6H). Danny Wilde drives a Ferrari Dino 246 GT. The road separates them at one point, but the two routes lead to the same point that Danny and Brett reach at the same time. Their vehicles immerse themselves in front of the hotel, hood against hood.

Our two characters then enter the hotel and end up fighting and ransacking part of the restaurant. Pattern of this argument: the recipe for a cocktail, cream Creole.

They finally realize that they are at the mercy of their mysterious host. In the past, Judge Fulton had applied the law in certain criminal cases, but some people had still managed to escape it. Now retired, it is resolved to restore the balance between law and justice. The judge therefore decided to call on Danny and Brett to resolve some cases and convinced them to work for him by making them realize that prison was their only other alternative. This is how a new career of adventures and dangers began, for this duo, as "persuaders", the researchers of justice in an unjust world ...

Danny Wilde originated from a poor and hard district of New York (the Bronx), but is now part of high society, after having made a fortune several times. He therefore no longer has any concerns to do for the future. Brett Sinclair on the other hand, is a true British Lord descending from a long line of aristocrats and it shows by his elegance and his manners. He studied in Oxford in England.

Sincerely your was an American television series broadcast for the first time in 1971. The series featured Roger Moore and Tony Curtis as two millionaires on one side of the Atlantic, Danny Wilde and Brett Sinclair, who are forced to work Together to resolve crimes and intrigue across Europe. The series was known for its light humor and glamorous staging, with luxury cars, elegant costumes and jet set landscapes.

The story of the series focuses on the improbable friendship between Danny and Brett, two very different men who are both rich, beautiful and talented in their field. Danny is a former repentant criminal from the poor districts of London, while Brett is a frivolous and casual British aristocrat. Although they are often disagreeing on how to resolve crimes, they always end up working together to put criminals behind bars.

The series was created by Roy Ward Baker and Terry Nation, and was produced by ITC Entertainment. It was broadcast for a single season of 24 episodes, before being canceled in 1972. Although it was not successful during its broadcast at the time, the series became a classic cult over Years and continues to be appreciated by fans of the genre.

The Actors

Roger Moore - Lord Brett Sinclair

Roger Moore

(Lord Brett Sinclair)

Tony Curtis - Danny Wilde

Tony Curtis

(Danny Wilde)

Laurence Naismith - Juge Fulton

Laurence Naismith

(Juge Fulton)


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The series did not experience the expected success in the U.S.A. that is why it only lasted a season. Tony Curtis loving the voice and the intonation given by his French doubler, Michel Roux, to his character, offered to be his official duplicate in France. Unfortunately for Michel Roux, Tony Curtis no longer replayed for films or serials intended for France!

The beginning of the first episode is the end of the last in the series "Le Saint" interpreted by R. Moore, coincidence? No, the producers just gave a sequel to the car race (by changing the characters).

Tonis Curtis already had a whitening hair, he dyed for the first episodes before finally leaving his hairstyle pepper and salt.

The clothes that Roger Moore has for the role of Lord Brett Sinclair are of himself, moreover in the end credits are written just before the last note (to check;))


Filming locations:

  • England, UK
  • Nice International Airport, Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France (Episode 1)
  • Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK (studio)

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