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The Time Tunnel

The Time Tunnel Dates : 1966 - 1967
30 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 29 Octobre 1967
Creator(s) : Irwin Allen
Producer(s) : Irwin Allen
Music : Herman Stein
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After inventing a tunnel allowing time to travel in time (the Chronogyre), two researchers, Tony Newman and Doug Phillips, become prisoners. Unable to return to their time, they jump from one period to another, assisting past or future events, while their colleagues try to bring them back.

At the heart of the time (The Time Tunnel) was an American television series broadcast between 1966 and 1967. The series tells the story of two scientists, Tony Newman and Doug Phillips, who were trapped in a temporal vortex called the Tunnel of time. Throughout the series, Tony and Doug find themselves powered in different eras and places, where they must fight to survive and find a way to go home.

The series was created by Irwin Allen, who was also known for his other television productions such as invaders and the fourth dimension. The time tunnel was actually an old secret military installation built during the Cold War, and Tony and Doug were the only two scientists to have been assigned to its use.

The concept of the series was innovative for the time, and it was a great success with the public. The series was also greeted for its careful realization and its special effects for the time, which helped create an immersive and convincing visual universe. Unfortunately, the series lasted only one season before being canceled, although its impact on popular culture has been considerable and that it remains today one of the most emblematic of the time.

The Actors

Darren McGavin - Dr Tony Newman

Darren McGavin

(Dr Tony Newman)

Robert Colbert - Dr. Doug Philips

Robert Colbert

(Dr. Doug Philips)


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