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Too Close For Comfort

Too Close For Comfort Dates : 1980 - 1986
129 episodes of 26 min
First broadcasting : 5 Février 1983
Creator(s) : Earl Barret, Arne Sultan et Aaron Ruben
Producer(s) : Earl Barret, Arne Sultan et Aaron Ruben
Music : Johnny Mandel
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French Traduire


Henry and Muriel Rush live in a duplex in San Francisco, California. Henry Rush is a designer band designer, he created the "Cosmic Cow", a kind of space cow. They have two daughters: Jackie (the brunette) and Sarah (the blonde). Despite the two girls' desire to leave the family home, Henry is a protective father and asked them to stay with them. Another character is regularly present in the series: it is Monroe fiscus, a great friend of Sarah.

Each at home (original title: Too Close for Comfort) was an American television series broadcast between the 1980s and 1990s. The series featured the life of the Henderson family, composed of Father Henry, his wife Muriel, their twins Jackie and Sarah, and their younger son Monroe.

The intrigue of the series revolved around the cohabitation of the two girls with their father and stepmother in a small house located in the fictitious town of San Francisco. Jackie and Sarah were teenage girls typical of the 1980s, both energetic and burned head, and their father Henry was doing everything possible to raise them as best he could.

The series was mainly comical and staged conflicts and gags typical of family life. It was famous for its use of the multiple camera, which made it possible to show several points of view at the same time. The series was broadcast for five seasons and was very successful with the public.

Over the episodes, the main characters have evolved and had to face personal and professional challenges. Henry, the father, was a designer of comics who dreamed of becoming a renowned artist. His wife Muriel was an independent businesswoman and Monroe, their younger son, was a teenager looking for his identity.

In addition to the conflicts of family life, the series also tackled more serious subjects, such as romantic relationships, money problems and sexism at work. Everyone at home was an entertaining series full of twists and turns, which has captivated viewers for many years.

The Actors

Ted Knight - Henry Rush

Ted Knight

(Henry Rush)


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In one episode, Ted Knight wore a sweatshirt with the name and logo of an actual university on it. Soon, college and university students, who were fans of the show, began sending logo sweatshirts for Knight to wear on the air. From then on, Knight began wearing as many different sweatshirts as possible in each episode to please the fans.

The house used for exterior shots in the opening sequence as well as various points throughout the show's run is 171-173 Buena Vista St, San Francisco, California. One episode in particular shows Monroe pulling out of the garage of this home on his motorcycle, another episode shows Norman giving directions to the house over the phone and offering correct bearings.

In the second season, it is revealed that Muriel was adopted. Her mother was an Englishwoman who had an affair with an American soldier during World War II. She later found out that her birth mother became a nun soon after giving her up for adoption.

The show was an American adaptation of Brian Cooke's British TV sitcom "Keep It in the Family" (1971). Another of his successful transatlantic adaptations was the UK show "Man About the House" (1973) becoming the US show "Three's Company" (1977).

The name of Henry's comic book was "Cosmic Cow".

A seventh season of episodes was intended for production, but was halted by Ted Knight's death.

'Ted Knight''s final TV production.


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