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Dawson's Creek : Synopsis, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Filming Locations

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Dawson's Creek - Trivia

The necklace that Dawson wears in every episode was actually made by actor James Van Der Beek's mother. The wardrobe people center every outfit Dawson wears around it.

In the pilot episode of the show, Katie Holmes never really rowed the boat. The boat was pulled by a rope that remained out of focus by the camera.

Many props from creator Kevin Williamson's _Scream (1996)_ and I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) are used, particularly in Dawson's bedroom.

Almost 500 actors tried out for the part of Dawson.

Rosemary Forsyth tested for the part of Jennifer's gran.

One of the many actors who tested for the part of Dawson's father was William Katt.

The producers were in the unusual position of having all 13 episodes in the can before the pilot even premiered.

The part of Bodie is played by George Gaffney in the pilot, but by Obi Ndefo in the rest of the series.

Dawson's and Joey's very first kiss takes place in episode #1.7 "Detention" (albeit as the result of a dare).

Dawson's idol is 'Steven Spielberg' . Among the posters hanging in Dawson's room are posters from movies directed by Spielberg (e.g. Jaws (1975), Hook (1991) or The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997))

It is set in Massachusetts, but most of the episodes until the characters went off to college and even then some are filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina as well as some in Southport.

The character of Joey is inspired by Fannie Norwood, a long-time friend of Kevin Williamson. According to Williamson: "If Fannie watches, she will know exactly where I got some stuff. It's nice because only she will know."

The inscription on the back of Dawson's watch reads "If you will, it is no dream", a quote of Theodore Hertzel, prognosticator of Israel.

Originally started as a project at FOX but was rejected.

The video Dawson supposedly made in 1998 which Pacey shows to a bed-ridden Jen during the series finale was the original credit sequence for the show.

In "Detention" someone mentions Emilio Estevez in The Breakfast Club (1985) and Pacey ('Joshua Jackson' ) says, "He was in those Mighty Ducks movies. I love those movies." Joshua Jackson was in the main character in the Mighty Ducks movies (The Mighty Ducks (1992), et al).

In episode 305 (Indian Summer) Eve (Brittany Daniel) says "...for you and the rest of the "sweet valley high" extras you call your friends?". Brittany Daniel and her twin sister starred in "Sweet Valley High" (1994).

Most of the artists/songs featured in the two-part series finale, were songs that were intended to be featured in the original pilot, but whose licensing proved too expensive at the time.

Meredith Monroe's character, Andie McPhee, left the series in November 2000 almost halfway through the 4th Season. Her name remained in the opening credits until the end of that season, even though she wasn't in any of those episodes. Andie did return for one episode in May 2001 (the graduation from high school episode).

Is one of three WB shows to say the word "shit." The others are "Everwood" (2002) (but the sound was muted) and "One Tree Hill" (2003).

Meredith Monroe (Andie McPhee) actually filmed a scene in the final episode, visiting Jen at the hospital and then talking to Pacey at the hospital canteen. This, however, was cut from the episode, but can be found in the deleted scenes on the DVD.

Dawson also has got posters of the movies Being John Malkovich (1999) and Bronenosets Potyomkin (1925) hanging in his room

It took seven full days of shooting to make one episode of Dawson's Creek.

"Dawson's Creek" was the last TV series to be dubbed to Portuguese in Portugal. All following foreign TV series were subtitled.

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