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Mac Gyver - Trivia

. Michael Des Barres, who plays Murdoc, MacGyver's archenemy, actually composed the song "Cleo Rocks" for the same-named episode.

. When the onset of glaucoma began robbing co-star Dana Elcar of his sight in real life, his TV character was given the same condition.

. The "MacGyverisims" shown in the series are all based on scientific fact, but not all of the steps needed to create the experiment were shown. This was done to prevent children who were watching the show from duplicating the experiments themselves and possibly getting injured.

. MacGyver's given name was not revealed until near the end of the show in the episode "Good Knight MacGyver: Part 2". Before that when someone asked, "Do you have a name?" he answered, "Yes," but did not reveal it. MacGyver's name was originally Stace MacGyver (according to the script for the pilot). Nobody used the name during the pilot; when it slipped out and became general knowledge to the fans, they decided to just call him "Mac" or Macgyver" for the duration. The name Angus was chosen because they felt it was unusual and something with an "ick" factor (although, not according to any Scots in the audience). The name was "suggested" from a poster for a charity event in Canada, where the series was being filmed at that time.

. Episode 103, "Thief of Budapest", used footage from The Italian Job (1969). All of the shots of the three Minis racing the cops are lifted from the movie.

. In the late-'80s, two teenage boys made a bomb in their garage which went off, killing one of them. The surviving boy said they learned how to make the bomb from an episode of the show. However, the show was quickly exonerated after it was discovered no such episode existed.

. Kai Wulff played 4 different characters in 4 different episodes

. MacGyver speaks at least four other languages in addition to English: French, German, Italian and Russian.

. Richard Dean Anderson won the role of MacGyver when the casting director noticed he was unafraid to use his glasses during his audition, showing a lack of pretension that the creative team wanted in their lead.

. Among the vehicles that MacGyver owned were a Jeep Wrangler, a 1942 Chevrolet truck, and a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad willed to him by his grandfather Harry in the episode "Harry's Will".

. Throughout the entire run of the series Macgyver states many times his opposition to using guns due to a childhood event. However, in the pilot episode, "Pilot", he does in fact fire a gun, an AK-47, and then quickly hands it to the pilot he's rescuing to provide cover fire. This aspect of his character was probably added after the pilot as he makes no mention for his distaste for guns.

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