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V - Trivia

In the first two mini-series, the visitors spoke with an electronically modulated voice. This sound effect was dropped for the ongoing series. This creates a continuity problem with the two mini-series as Visitors are now able to infiltrate human strongholds, and vice-versa, without their different voices giving them away.

The second V: The Series theme was originally written for "V: The Final Battle (mini) (1984)". The producers chose Barry DeVorzon's and Joseph Conlan's version, so it was shelved until 1985 when it then became the second V: The Series theme.

The script for the first episode of the second season was completed. After the series was canceled, it eventually got leaked. Most notable was the fact that Julie was killed during the first act.

The character 'Diana' was ranked #5 in TV Guide's list of the "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends" (1 August 2004 issue).

When the romance between Mike and Julie began to fade, both Faye Grant and Michael Ironside pushed to have a romance between their characters. Unfortunately, Ironside's character was written out before this could happen and the show cancelled before he could return.

The third episode, "Breakout", was rejected for network broadcast due to its violence. It was eventually shown, however, when the series was rerun after its cancellation. A continuity error is created when the episode is watched in order with the rest of the series, however, as the fourth episode was rearranged so that Ham Tyler and Kyle meet for the first time, even though they had already met in "Breakout".

The cancellation of this series was unexpected; as a result, its one and only season ends with a cliffhanger.

Because the series was cancelled, they had no way to finish the story because the first season ended in a cliffhanger. Interest in the ongoing comic series had also waned, and it was cancelled, as well. Thanks to the warning the comic book writers had received, they were able to write a two-part story that served as the official ending for both the TV and Comic series: the Leader sends his only child to Earth, who is befriended by the resistance. In spite of the war-minded Visitors plotting an assassination attempt (to frame the humans) he was returned safely to the leader, and as a gesture of thanks, he recalled the attacking fleet from Earth.

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