Critique de Berlin: le préquel de “La Casa de Papel” sur Netflix vous fait perdre votre temps

Critique de Berlin: le préquel de “La Casa de Papel” sur Netflix vous fait perdre votre temps

Money Heist’s spin-off and prequel series Berlin has been highly anticipated, but does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a closer look at why this series might not be worth your time.

‘Berlin’ Fails to Embrace the Title Character

Despite being a fan-favorite in the original series, Berlin falls short when attempting to portray the main character as a protagonist. The show tries to humanize his less-than-human tendencies, resulting in a lackluster and unrelatable character. Instead of embracing his flaws, the series works to justify Berlin’s misogynistic behavior and unrealistic portrayal of relationships.

‘Berlin’ Normalizes Misogyny and Poor Storytelling

The series endorses misogynistic behavior, normalizing harassment and presenting women as naive and easily manipulated. Berlin’s plot is illogical and relies heavily on coincidences, prioritizing “cool” scenes and twists over a well-crafted story. Throughout the episodes, it feels like Berlin is eager to reward its title character’s behavior or present him as a mastermind, when the events that play out suggest otherwise.

Poor Writing and Illogical Story Choices

Berlin’s story arcs and plot points favor “cool” scenes and twists over logic, resulting in several WTF moments and contrivances to move the story forward. The series relies on coincidences and fails to deliver a well-thought-out plan, ultimately leaving the audience disappointed.

In conclusion, Berlin may not be the worthwhile spin-off and prequel series that some were expecting. It fails to embrace its main character and falls short in normalizing misogynistic behavior and presenting a well-crafted story. With its poor writing and illogical story choices, Berlin ultimately receives a rating of 2/10.

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