Nouvelle série TV de Taylor Sheridan : “Special Ops: Lioness” fait ses débuts

Nouvelle série TV de Taylor Sheridan : “Special Ops: Lioness” fait ses débuts

Taylor Sheridan, known for his hit show “Yellowstone,” has debuted a new creation on Paramount+ called “Special Ops: Lioness.” This thrilling series premiered in late July and has already gained a lot of attention.

The Plot

The storyline of “Special Ops: Lioness” follows the life of Joe, played by Zoe Saldana, who is at the forefront of the CIA’s war on terror. She undergoes the challenge of balancing her personal and professional life while working as an undercover operative in the Lioness Program. Laysla De Oliveira stars as Cruz, a female special operations Marine who aids Joe in her mission.

Real-Life Inspiration

The show is loosely based on the real-life “Lioness” program used by the CIA during the Iraq war. Insurgents in Iraq took advantage of cultural restrictions and used women for smuggling and other terrorist activities. As Muslim tradition prohibits men from touching unrelated women, the program assigned female Marines to search Iraqi women and children. This allowed them to gather crucial intelligence to combat the issue.

Taylor Sheridan’s Creations

“Special Ops: Lioness” is the latest addition to Taylor Sheridan’s impressive lineup of television shows. Sheridan is also responsible for creating the highly popular “Yellowstone” series, along with its spinoff shows “1883” and “1923.” Viewers can also look forward to his upcoming projects, including “Tulsa King,” “Mayor of Kingstown,” and “Lawmen: Bass Reeves,” which is based on the life of the renowned U.S. marshal.

“Yellowstone” Update

While fans eagerly await new episodes of “Yellowstone,” they will have to be patient. The show’s fifth season faced multiple setbacks, including the mid-season finale in January and subsequent delays due to the Writer’s Guild of America strike. Additionally, Kevin Costner expressed his desire to leave the show, and Paramount announced that season 5 would be its final season. With the actors and writers on strike, the production was forced to halt.

As a result, CBS will air reruns of “Yellowstone” this fall, filling their programming schedule with previously released episodes. This decision aligns with the lack of new content available during the writers and actors strikes.

With “Special Ops: Lioness” captivating audiences and “Yellowstone” generating anticipation, Taylor Sheridan proves himself as a talented creator in the television industry. Fans can enjoy his unique storytelling style while eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite shows.

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