“One Piece” détrôné dans le Top 10 de Netflix par une nouvelle série

“One Piece” détrôné dans le Top 10 de Netflix par une nouvelle série

Netflix’s hit series One Piece had a strong start, but it was quickly dethroned from the top spot on the platform’s top 10 list. This raises questions about the show’s future and whether it will be renewed for a second season.

A Swift Displacement

Surprisingly, the top spot is now occupied by Shane Gills’ comedy special, Beautiful Dogs, which has a much shorter runtime of just 52 minutes. Although there is a possibility that One Piece could regain its position in a day or two, the fact that a stand-up show displaced it is not a good sign.

An Expensive Investment

One possible explanation for this shift is that viewers binged One Piece quickly and moved on to other shows. Despite the show racking up 140 million viewing hours between August 31 and September 3, it is still considered a costly production. As we’ve seen in the past with shows like Altered Carbon, if a high-budget series fails to meet expectations, its future may be in jeopardy.

Investing in the Future

However, it would be wise for Netflix to continue investing in One Piece. As many beloved series like Stranger Things are coming to an end, the platform needs to find new ongoing shows to captivate audiences. One Piece has the potential to benefit from word-of-mouth promotion and I sincerely hope it gets renewed. With a plethora of source material available, the series has the potential to keep going indefinitely.

Other Netflix Favorites

The rest of the top 10 list features a mix of new releases and long-running shows. Who Is Erin Carter?, Live to 100, The Ultimatum, and Painkiller have all performed well but moved down the rankings. SWAT, a licensed show, has also made the list with its new episodes. Interestingly, Disenchantment, an animated series, is still going strong with five seasons under its belt. Call the Midwife, another long-running show, recently released its 12th season and manages to secure a place on the list at number 10.

A Promising Series

Despite its temporary displacement from the top spot, I highly recommend One Piece to viewers, regardless of their familiarity with the manga or anime. As someone who had no prior experience with the series, I am thoroughly enjoying it and hope that it becomes a long-standing feature on Netflix. However, in the world of streaming and uncertainty, nothing is guaranteed.

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