Shakira fait du jet ski avec ses enfants à Miami pour le jour du travail

Shakira fait du jet ski avec ses enfants à Miami pour le jour du travail

Shakira’s weekend getaway with her children is nothing short of amazing, as these photos reveal.

A Fun-filled Day in Miami

The Colombian singer, accompanied by her two children Milan and Sasha, enjoyed a day out in Miami with a group of friends. They embarked on an exciting jet ski adventure on the crystal-clear waters, with Shakira leading the pack.

An Adrenaline Rush

The photos show Shakira taking her two boys on a thrilling ride, ensuring their safety with life vests. The boys hold on tightly as Shakira fearlessly speeds through the water.

While the ride wasn’t too extreme, it is evident that they experienced moments of exhilarating speed.

Single and Independent

Interestingly, Shakira appears to be enjoying her adventure solo, without a male companion by her side. Despite ongoing dating rumors surrounding her, including speculations about Lewis Hamilton, Jimmy Butler, Drake, and even Tom Cruise, Shakira seems to be unbothered, confidently embracing the role of a strong and independent woman.

Ultimately, her dating life seems inconsequential in a scenario as exciting as this. Shakira proves that she can have an amazing time on her own.

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