TCL QM8 : Une critique du Champion de la Valeur TV, plus grand, plus lumineux et meilleur

TCL QM8 : Une critique du Champion de la Valeur TV, plus grand, plus lumineux et meilleur

Introducing the TCL QM8 Series: Affordable with Excellent Picture Quality

Are you in search of a big-screen TV that offers exceptional picture quality without breaking the bank? Look no further than the TCL QM8 Series. This TV surpasses even last year’s highly acclaimed TCL 6-Series in terms of brightness, contrast, and overall image quality, all while maintaining an affordable price. If you’re looking for a TV in the “65-inch or larger” size range and want to avoid OLED technology, the TCL QM8 is the perfect choice.

Superb Picture Quality at a Lower Price

If you prefer a 55-inch size, consider the Hisense U8K as an alternative. Like the TCL QM8, it boasts outstanding image quality and utilizes mini-LED technology at a fraction of the cost you would pay for a similar Samsung or Sony TV. Having personally compared the TCL QM8 and the Hisense U8K side by side at the CNET TV lab, I found both TVs to be exceptional, but the TCL QM8 edges out slightly in terms of brightness and contrast. However, if the Hisense U8K is available at a significantly lower price than the TCL QM8, it may be the better option for you.

Explore the Top-of-the-Line TCL QM8 Series

The TCL QM8 series sits at the pinnacle of TCL’s 2023 TV lineup. Unlike the more affordable Q7 and Q6 series, the QM8 series features mini-LED backlights, providing superior brightness and contrast. Although I have not reviewed the Q7 and Q6 models, their specifications suggest that the image quality may not match up to that of the QM8 series. For those looking for an impressively large TV, it’s worth noting that the 98-inch TCL QM8 is priced over $10,000, while the 100-inch Hisense U8K costs around $4,000.

Sleek Design and User-Friendly Remote

While the TCL QM8 may not be as sleek as some high-end Samsung TVs, its design is still impressive. The central pedestal stand, which offers two different height options, is aesthetically pleasing and provides space for a soundbar beneath the screen. The TV is quite heavy, but this is to be expected with LED LCD TVs. The remote is a long, thin wand that looks more premium compared to most budget TV remotes. It features backlit keys for convenience, although it does suffer from some button clutter.

Google TV vs. Roku TV

In a departure from its previous models, TCL has chosen to use Google TV as the operating system for the QM8 series. While Google TV offers commendable features such as Google Assistant, a kids profile mode, and tight integration with Google apps, many still prefer the simplicity and superior search results of Roku TV. However, if you prefer Roku’s system, using a Roku streaming device alongside the TCL QM8 TV is an easy and affordable solution.

Impressive Features and Connectivity

One standout feature of the TCL QM8 series is its mini-LED backlight, which improves picture quality by providing more precise illumination and enhancing contrast. The TV also boasts a true 120Hz refresh rate, offering superior motion performance. Additionally, it supports quantum dots for improved color, Dolby Vision and HDR10 high dynamic range formats, and Dolby Vision IQ for automatic picture adjustments based on ambient light.

Connectivity options include four HDMI inputs, an analog AV input, a USB port, Ethernet for wired internet, a headphone jack, an optical digital audio output, and an RF antenna input. Notably, the QM8 series can accept 4K/120Hz input signals, making it compatible with gaming consoles like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Wrap Up

The TCL QM8 Series is a fantastic choice for those seeking a large-screen TV with exceptional picture quality at an affordable price. With its mini-LED backlight, true 120Hz refresh rate, and support for Dolby Vision and HDR10, this TV delivers a top-tier viewing experience. While the switch from Roku TV to Google TV may be a downside for some, it can easily be remedied by using a Roku streaming device. Overall, the TCL QM8 Series offers incredible value for its price.

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