The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 18 Spoilers: Raymond’s Mediation Goes Wrong

The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 18 Spoilers: Raymond’s Mediation Goes Wrong

The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 18 Spoilers: Raymond’s Mediation Goes Wrong

The Blacklist Season 10 had taken a two-week hiatus, but it’s back to regular programming this Thursday. Reddington played The Taskforce and offered one of his most lucrative operations on The Blacklist Season 10 Episode 17. After doing business and making millions of dollars, age inevitably caught up with him, and he didn’t have the energy he had ten years ago. We saw him give up some of his most precious possessions, a lot of money to charity, and then Morgana Logistics Corporation. This really started to feel like the beginning of the end for Raymond and the Task Force because without their miracle solution, Cooper’s Task Force was just another FBI Task Force. It’s unclear what the future holds for Raymond and what his endgame might be, but one thing is clear, he’s gearing up for something. Whether he’s seeking redemption or has had a change of heart, the good he’s done has affected many people and himself.

Episode 18 spoilers for The Blacklist Season 10 tease a return to the criminal world as Red intervenes to help two families, but things go wrong. Like any other group, criminals also argue, and animosity can develop between two or more groups. Many films have been made about wars between criminal groups. The source of these conflicts usually varies, but it mostly concerns business in which each family is involved. And if there is an overlap, a rivalry can arise and things escalate from there. This was the case with The Sandovals and The Montanos. These two families have been at odds for a while now, but they decide to squash the beef for some reason.

If there ever existed a group of people as skeptical of each other, it must be criminals. They always have to cover all bases to avoid being caught off guard. As a result, each group thinks the worst of the other, which usually blocks any attempt at peace. “What if we sit down to talk with the other side and they ambush us? Maybe we should go in prepared.” This line of thinking is a common cause of misunderstanding that leads to bloodshed.

This tension created a business opportunity for Captain Kidd on The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 11, where the Task Force sought a blacklister specialized in facilitating business transactions between warring criminal factions. He was quite effective in his work as if one camp betrayed the other, he pursued them and made them pay in blood. While this was one way to go about it, there was another obvious thing to do, which has long been overdue. Use a mediator. The Sandovals and Montanos use Red as a mediator to end their rivalry. The obvious reasons why Red might have agreed to do this are either because his new purpose in life dictates doing good where he can or because he has everything to gain. He’s also a very effective mediator because criminals are afraid of him, and they would want to cross Red.

In life, you can account for many things, but you might never account for everything. Somehow the conversation doesn’t go well, putting Red and his associates in danger. The two families had crossed all their t’s and dotted their i’s, or so they thought, until someone else enters the scene. The episode is titled “Wormwood,” the name of the blacklist. Wormwood is a very bitter plant, but the word can also be used to mean bitterness. It could be someone who has a grudge against someone in the group. Realizing that Reddington is in danger, the Task Force springs into action. Viewers watching The Blacklist online know that the Task Force will do anything but wilt because reality has established that they are nothing without Red. Their investigation links the incident to an elusive criminal, and the race against time begins to save Red and his new friends before they meet their end.

On “The Morgana Logistics Corporation,” Arthur Hudson finally established a connection that no one else had. However, it’s one thing to establish, but it’s another to present a case that you can win. We expect to check in on Arthur as he launches his attack on the Task Force. Elsewhere, Weecha appeared, but it wasn’t clear if she intended to stay. We’re also excited to see how this plays out.

Away from the story this hour, it’s great when an actor reaches a certain point in their career where they have so much experience, and you can trust them to add another descriptor to their CV. Diego Klattenhoff has fueled this show for a decade, even after some of the original cast members left. It seems that his patience has paid off as he will make his directorial debut in this episode. That’s right! “Wormwood” is directed by the man who brought Donald Ressler to life for ten seasons. It’s commonly said in the industry that actors make the best directors, and we can’t wait to see him knock it out of the park.

Catch the episode live this Thursday at 8 pm on NBC and a review shortly after on TV Fanatic. In the meantime, tell us what excites you the most about this episode.


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