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Amy Jo Johnson

Juliana "Jules" Callaghan in Flashpoint

Photos Amy Jo Johnson Birth name: Amy Jo Johnson
Birth date: 1970/10/06 (50 years old)
Birth place : Cap Cod

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Biography for Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. As a child she competed as a gymnast, learning skills that would later be of great use to her in her breakthrough role as Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger on "Power Rangers" (1993). She gave up competing when she was 17, and concentrated more on her acting interests, appearing in various community theatre projects. Once she graduated from high school she went to New York to study at the American Musical Dramatic Academy. After two years there she moved to California where she landed the aforementioned part as the Pink Ranger also in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995). After her stint there she went back to the theatre as well as doing several television movies. Amy's own talents as a musician have come into play in her role as Julie Emrick on "Felicity" (1998). When not working on the show Amy appears with her band Valhalla, where she is the lead singer as well as a guitarist. Amy also paints, primarily with oil and acrylics, and is devoted to her pit bull, Lucy.


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