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V Dates : 1984 - 1985
19 episodes of 60 min
Filming budget : 1.100.000 $ par Ă©pisode
First broadcasting : 6 Juin 1987
Creator(s) : Kenneth Johnson
Producer(s) : Kenneth Johnson, David J.Latt et Daniel H.Blatt
Music : Joseph Harnell et Dennis McCarthy
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French Traduire


We are not alone in the universe! They arrive aboard a large vessels that position themselves above the largest cities! They are very peaceful and in addition they look like us (in fact they are extraterrestrials close to lizards)!

But strange disappearances are reported and some visitors have suspicious behavior. One of the first journalists to meet them, Donovan, has suspicions that will prove to be right: visitors consider us food and they want to fill their pantry with millions of earthlings. It's time to organize resistance!

V was an American science fiction television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1984 and which experienced two suites: V: The Final Battle in 1984 and V: The Series in 1984-1985. The series features an extraterrestrial invasion led by humanoid extraterrestrials called "visitors" who arrive on earth by claiming to bring peace and prosperity. However, they actually have malicious intentions and try to submit humanity by hiding their true nature to it.

The series follows a group of human resistance fighters who fight against visitors and seek to reveal their real plan. Among the main characters, we find in particular Mike Donovan, a journalist who was the first to discover the truth about visitors, and Robin Maxwell, a single mother who gave birth to a hybrid child from a union between a human and a visitor.

The series was acclaimed by criticism for its captivating intrigue and its relevant themes, such as war, freedom of expression and human rights. It was also one of the first science fiction programs to tackle subjects such as homosexuality and AIDS. Despite its initial success, the series has not been renewed for a third season due to high production costs and the drop in the audience.

The Actors

Jane Badler - Diana

Jane Badler


Marc Singer - Mike Donovan

Marc Singer

(Mike Donovan)

Faye Grant - Julie Parrish

Faye Grant

(Julie Parrish)

June Chadwick - Lydia

June Chadwick


Frank Ashmore - Martin/Philippe

Frank Ashmore


Jennifer Cooke - Elizabeth Maxwell

Jennifer Cooke

(Elizabeth Maxwell)

Robert Englund - Willie

Robert Englund


Jeff Yagher - Kyle Bates

Jeff Yagher

(Kyle Bates)

Michael Wright - Elias Taylor

Michael Wright

(Elias Taylor)

Michael Ironside - Ham Tyler

Michael Ironside

(Ham Tyler)

Blair Tefkin - Robin Maxwell

Blair Tefkin

(Robin Maxwell)

George Morfogen - Stanley Bernstein

George Morfogen

(Stanley Bernstein)


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The music played when the first vessel arrived had a rhythm of three short notes followed by a long note: this is the letter "V" in Morse.

Each visitors' laser shooting cost production $ 1,000.

The 1st mini-series was a great success for the NBC, which has reunited 80 million viewers with each episode.

Before the broadcast of the series, a big advertising campaign in the form of posters decorated the walls with this sentence: "Visitors are your friends". The days following the broadcast, all posters were tagged with a red V.

Visitors come from the planet Sirius.

It took 4 hours a day to the team to make up Jane Badler

A little party was given at the end of the shooting of the 19th episode while the team was preparing the 20th which will never be turned.

Ronald Reagan was a fan of the series.

First four-hour mini-series on NBC: cost of each episode: $ 3 million. Immediate success with 65 million spectators. Continuation: mini-series of 6 hours, 10 hours for $ 14 million and less success !!

Construction of 50 space shuttles; Diana vessel dimension: 33 m long x 9 Large x 5 height. Hence the cost of the series! Add 300 technicians and 90 players. The use of the laser radius cost $ 1,000 for each use

The recovery masks had been made with great precaution so as not to damage the skin of the actors. Difficulty to ask them, 12 hours of work for their execution.

Director K. Johnson bore several caps: Prod assistant, Prod at 25, novelist at 30, he went up the man who was worth 3 billion, Super Jaimie, Hulk and wrote V.

Over 500 auditions for the role of Diana.

2 mini-series (4 and 6 hours) then 19 episodes of 50 minutes a saga between politics fiction and fantastic with special effects, soundtrack, futuristic sets, shock scenes, successful make-up

The regime imposed by visitors is a metaphor for the Nazi regime, see references (the symbol carried by visitors, the decreed martial law ...


Filming locations:

  • Sable Ranch - 25975 Sand Canyon Rd, Canyon Country, California, USA

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