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Anne Dudek

Dr Amber Volakis in House M.D.

Photos Anne Dudek Birth name: Anne Louise Dudek
Birth date: 1975/03/22 (48 years old)
Birth place : Boston, Massachusetts

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Biography for Anne Dudek

Anne Dudek is an American actress of Polish origin, mainly known for her role in the television series "Dr House" and in the British television series "The Book Group", where she embodied the main character.

Since the mid -1990s (then a student at the Northwestern University) and until 2001, Anne Dudek appeared in various theatrical productions and on Broadway. She made her Broadway debut in Wrong Mountain in 2000.

After the success in Broadway, she made her television debut in the series "The book group" (the reading club), a British dramatic comedy. She has since appeared as guest star in many television series, such as "Desperate Housewives" (Brandi, Karl Mayer's girlfriend in the first season), "How I Met Your Mother" (the ex girlfriend of Ted trained at Krav Maga), "Friends", "Charmed", "Bones" (as a lawyer for Seeley Booyh), "Numb3rs" and "Six Feet Under".

She also embodied Lucinda Barry in the pilot episode of "psych", and a teacher who had sex with one of her students, then 14 years old (inspired by the story of Debra Lafave) in " New York: Criminal Section ”. She was one of the recurring actors in the series "Dr. House" during the fourth season, where she interpreted Amber Voalakis (nicknamed "the abominable bitch" by Gregory House). Recently, she interpreted a recurring character in the series "Mad Men" (Francine Hanson) and "Big Love" (Lura Grant).

In the cinema, she played the daughter of Anthony Hopkins in "The color of the lie" in 2003. She obtained the main role of the film "The Naughty Lady" in 2004.

Anne Dudek is an American actress known for her roles in television series such as Mad Men, House and The Flash. She was born on March 22, 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States.

Dudek began her acting career by playing in plays at university. She then moved to Los Angeles to continue her career on the screen, and obtained her first important role in the television series House, where she played the role of the Amber Volakis nurse for several seasons.

Since then, she has played in many other television series, including Big Love, Masters of Sex, The Magicians, and Mad Men, in which she played the role of Francine Hanson, the woman of one of the main characters. She also played in films such as The Book of Love and The Sessions.

Apart from her acting career, Dudek is also a mother who lives with her husband and children in Los Angeles. She is very active on social networks, where she regularly shares photos of her personal life with her fans.

In summary, Anne Dudek is a talented and experienced American actress, recognized for her roles in popular television series. She is also an active and loving mother, who knew how to build a great career in Hollywood.


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