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Cherie Johnson

Cherie Johnson in Punky Brewster

Photos Cherie Johnson Birth name: Cherie Johnson
Birth date: 1975/11/21 (48 years old)
Birth place : Pittsburgh (USA)

French Traduire

Biography for Cherie Johnson

Cherie Johnson was born in the small town of Duquesne (Du-kane) a few minutes outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This African American/ Puerto Rican little girl was soon to be a trend setter having her sights on Hollywood, California at the young age of 6. Little did a young Cherie know that she had a famous Uncle ( David Duclon, the creator of Silver Spoons, producer of Mork & Mindy, The Jeffersons, Happy Days, The Odd Couple, Laverne & Shirley, etc) who held her close to his heart and mind. Using Cherie as a muse, he wrote a pilot for NBC titled “Punky Brewster“ and anticipated his niece would solely be thrilled that he named one of the characters after her. Her response was not that of a typical 6 year old. This bright-eyed bushy tailed star gazer couldn’t grasp the idea of anyone other than herself playing a character of her namesake. Unfortunately, nepotism was far from a key factor in casting. Uncle Duclon had sold the show to NBC and the part of Cherie w as to be casted in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles. Not a clue of what an audition was, this star born child’s persistence paid off. After 6 auditions, hundreds of other potential actress’ across the country, and a heartwarming meeting with Brandon Tartikoff (then president of NBC) little Cherie Johnson went from muse to TV Star! “Punky Brewster” was a hit and Cherie couldn’t ask for more, but just one year later, “Punky Brewster” expanded into a cartoon series in which Cherie contributed her voice for her Little Cherie. With a hit TV show, a hit Cartoon Series, Cherie was then nominated for a Young Artist Award for three consecutive years. Cherie stayed plenty busy in her formative years making TV appearances in such projects as “Playing with Fire”, co-starring Gary Coleman. What an inspiration and a role model! In 1986, Cherie was chosen to tour the USA as the National Cheer Representative for the Just Say No to Drugs Campaign through 1988. She gained national recognition and was honored when she was selected to introduce Nancy Reagan (then First Lady) to the historical movement. Cherie was on top of the world literally when she and fellow NBC TV Children traveled to Finland to guest-star on “Andy Williams and the NBC Kids Search for Santa” Christmas Special. After 4 years, “Punky Brewster” came to an end but little Cherie wasn’t fearful. She went on to star on Days of Our Lives until 1990. With her new found stardom, Cherie stayed busy starring with stars such as Martin La wrence in “It’s A Bit Strange”. Her body of work later included her memorable role as Maxine in ABC’s (CBS‘s) hit TV show “Family Matters” co-starring Jaleel White (Steve Urkel) & Kellie Williams (Laura Winslow). On December 8th 1991, Cherie was recognized by the National Association Of Youth In Entertainment by winning the Award of Excellence and was nominated for her 4th time for A Young Artist Award in 1993. With all this celebrity and busy work schedule, Cherie’s bleeding heart made sure she found time to volunteer teaching computer classes to children with Downs Syndrome. Continuing her plight, in 1994, Cherie founded the “Off The Streets“ program which provided recreational activities, tutoring services, and a safe haven for children who’s parents worked long hours. The program included teaching the children arts & crafts, various fields of the entertainment industry (singing, dancing, acting), and skills that prepared them for the real world. After 9 years, “Family Matters” ended. Yet again, Cherie found herself working steadily on TV shows such as “Good Behavior”, hit films such as “Teaching Mrs. Tingle“. Cherie’s guest-starring role as Kim’s (Countess Vaughn) cousin on UPN‘s “The Parkers“, turned into a memorable recurring role . In 2002, Cherie revisited her voice over roots when she landed a recurring role on the Disney Channels “The Proud Family“ co-starring Kyla Pratt and was reunited with her childhood friend Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster). In 2003, Cherie decided to step back into the big screen with her cameo appearance in the summer comedy “Malibooty” executive produced by Brian Hooks. Winter 2004, Cherie made an appearance on UPN‘s “Eve’ playing opposite Brian, which served as a liaison that established a greater work relationship and resume between the two. It only seemed natural that the two would collaborate once again on next years much anticipated horror/thriller film “7eventy-5 ive”. With Brian Hooks directing and starring, Cherie Johnson quickly accepted her dream position as Co-Executive producer as well as co-starring.

She played her own role in Punky Brewster. She also played the character of Maxine Johnson, in the TV series "family life".

Cherie Johnson is an American actress known for her role in the television series "Punky Brewster" in the 1980s. She also played in other television and films productions, including "Family Matters" and "Like Father, likes" .


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Title Role
La vie de famille (1989) Serie TV Maxine Johnson (1990-1998)
Little Bit Strange, A (1989) (TV) Tasha Masterson
It's Punky Brewster (1985) Serie TV (voice) Cherie Johnson
Playing with Fire (1985) (TV) Eileen Phillips
Punky Brewster (1984) Cherie Johnson



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