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Cheryl Ladd

Kris Munroe in Charlie's Angels

Photos Cheryl Ladd Birth name: Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor
Birth date: 1951/07/12 (71 years old)
Birth place : Huron, Dakota du sud (USA)
Height: 1.63 m

French Traduire

Biography for Cheryl Ladd

Born as Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor, she was known as Cherie Moor when she performed on the album based on the Josie and the Pussycats animated series. Later, she married David Ladd and took on her current name, which she kept even after their marriage broke up. Her most famous role was on Charlie's Angels, when she replaced Farrah Fawcett starting in the second season of the series.

In 2005 Ladd released her first book, Token Chick. Among other things it addresses her love of golf.


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The Sentry Collection Presents Ben Vereen: His Roots (1978) (TV)
Charlie's Angels (1976) TV Series Kris Munroe (1977-1981)
Evil in the Deep (1976) (as Cheryl Stoppelmoor) Zappy
Satan's School for Girls (1973) (TV) (as Cheryl Stoppelmoor) Jody Keller
Harry O: Such Dust As Dreams Are Made On (1973) (as Jean Stoppelmoor) Teenage Girl
Alexander Zwo (1972) (mini) TV Series (as Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor) Nelly
The Ken Berry 'Wow' Show (1972) TV Series
Chrome and Hot Leather (1971) (as Cherie Moor) Kathy
Josie and the Pussycats (1970) TV Series (singing voice) (as Cherie Moor) Pussycat


During high school in Huron, South Dakota, Ladd waited on cars at the local carhop, The Barn.

High school cheerleader in Huron.

Measurements: 34-22 1/2-33 (as a young model), 35C-23-34 (as the new "Angel" in 1977), (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Was considered for the role eventually played by Meredith Baxter on "Family" (1976/III), which is how she came to producer Aaron Spelling's attention for "Charlie's Angels" (1976).

Recorded an album in 1978 entitled "Dance Forever." It yielded just one minor hit single.

In 1978, a listener wrote into Casey Kasem's "American Top 40" radio show requesting a long distance dedication (a weekly feature) to Cheryl, asking her to his high school prom. She personally telephoned the boy with her regrets, and he thought it was his friends playing a prank. The song in question, Cheryl's "Think It Over", peaked at #36.


"I don't think people will ever forget I was an "Angel", anymore than they'll forget Sally Field was "The Flying Nun".


Spouse : Brian Russell (1981 - present), David Ladd (1974 - 1980) (divorced) 1 child

Mother of Jordan Ladd.

Stepdaughter, Lindsay Russell, born 1977, is an aspiring musician.

Ex-sister-in-law of Alan Ladd Jr..

Ex-daughter-in-law of Alan Ladd and Sue Carol.

Has a younger brother named Seth

Mother-in-law of Conor O'Neill.

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