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Dwight Schultz

Murdock "Looping" in The A-Team

Photos Dwight Schultz Birth name: William Dwight Schultz
Birth date: 1947/11/24 (75 years old)
Birth place : Baltimore (USA)
Height: 1.88 m

French Traduire

Biography for Dwight Schultz

William Dwight Schultz (born November 24, 1947), a stage, Television and Film actor, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. He first made his name on TV as "H.M. "Howlin' Mad" Murdock" on the 1980s action show The A-Team.

Dwight Schultz as H. M. Murdock in The A-Team


Dwight Schultz as H. M. Murdock in The A-Team

Schultz has appeared in films including The Fan (1981), as Broadway actress Lauren Bacall's director, and Fat Man Little Boy (1989), as J. Robert Oppenheimer. In the late 1980s and early 1990s Dwight had a recurring role as Lieutenant Reginald Barclay in Star Trek: The Next Generation and then Star Trek: Voyager (as well as the film Star Trek: First Contact). Dwight is also known for his incredible voice talent. His voice credits include numerous video games and cartoons.

He played the theater for 15 years.

He is a diploma from the University of the State of Towson in Maryland.


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Title Role
Chowder Mung Daal / ... (7 episodes, 2007)
Mass Effect (2007) (VG) (voice) Additional Roles
World in Conflict (2007) (VG) (voice)
Ben 10 Dr. Animo / ... (5 episodes, 2006-2007)
The Darkness (2007) (VG) Uncle Paulie Franchetti
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) (VG) (voice)
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) (VG) (voice) Penrod
Jensen! (1 episode, 2007)
Afro Samurai (2007) (mini) TV mini-series (voice: English version) Assassin #1/Patron #1/Ronin
Armored Core 4 (2006) (VG) (voice: English version) Emill Gustav/Enemy AI
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (2006) (VG) (voice: English version) Python
Gothic 3 (2006) (VG) (voice: English version) Additional Voices
Avatar: The Last Airbender Additional Voices / ... (1 episode, 2006)
Catscratch Carmendor Nuget (1 episode, 2006)
Grim & Evil Criag / ... (4 episodes, 2004-2006)
Borg War (2006) (V) (voice) Barclay
Ultimate Avengers II (2006) (V) (voice) Odin
Titan Quest (2006) (VG) (voice)
X-Men: The Official Game (2006) (VG) (voice) Eric Lehnsherr / Magneto, Additional VO
Fainaru fantajî XII (2006) (VG) (voice: English version) Anastasis/Dalan
Baten Kaitos II: Hajimari no tsubasa to kamigami no shishi (2006) (VG) (voice: English version) Geldoblame
Ry├╗ ga gotoku (2005) (VG) (voice: English version) Kage
Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (2005) (VG) (voice) King Hagan
Gun (2005) (VG) (voice) Additional Voices
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005) (VG) (voice) Garok, Living Monolith
Killer7 (2005) (VG) (voice) Harman Smith
Fantastic Four (2005) (VG) (voice) Additional Voices
Destroy All Humans! (2005) (VG) (voice) Air Force General/Fair Worker
Advent Rising (2005) (VG) (voice) Kelehm
Psychonauts (2005) (VG) (voice) Crispin Whytehead
EverQuest II (2004) (VG) (voice) Duke Ferrin, Korong Shatterjaw, Bargiss Ranlor, Priest Kelian, Delacar Mithanson, Cargomaster Libertius, Stalker Granis, Kren Rfay, Dindaek Everhot. Edwyn Arcanum, Scribe Jabir, Lusius Ulixes, Caius Callidus, Mallius Otho, Kualdin Swoonsong, Tilzak N'Lim, Verin Ithelz, Lt. Blutark, Generic Male Ghost Half Elf Enemy, Generic Male High Elf Enemy, Generic Male Kerran Enemy, Generic Male Efreeti Enemy, Generic Male Ghost Erudite Enemy, Generic Male Ghost Dwarf Enemy
The Punisher (2004) (VG) (voice)
The Bard's Tale (2004) (VG) (voice) Additional Voices
Crash Twinsanity (2004) (VG) (voice) Dingodile, Rusty Walrus, Tribesmen, Papu-Papu
The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004) (V) (voice) Skiff A.I.
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (2004) (VG) (voice) Hoxie
Van Helsing: The London Assignment (2004) (V) (voice) Dr. Jekyll
Crash Nitro Kart (2003) (VG) (voice) Dingodile/Fake Crash
Lords of Everquest (2003) (VG) (voice) Lord Dungannon
J├╗bei ninp├╗ch├┤: Ryuhogyoku-hen (2003) TV series (voice: English version) Dakuan
Lionheart (2003) (VG) (voice)
Star Trek: Elite Force II (2003) (VG) (voice) Lieutenant Reginald Barclay
Kaena: La proph├ętie (2003) (voice: English version) Ilpo
Beyond (2003) (voice) Townspeople, Policemen, and Exterminators
Matriculated (2003) (voice) Nonaka
The Second Renaissance Part II (2003) (voice) Additional Voices
The Animatrix (2003) (V) (voice) Townspeople, Policeman, Exterminators (segment Beyond)/Nonaka (segment Matriculated)/Additional voice (segments The Second Renaissance, Part I&II)
Final Fantasy X-2 (2003) (VG) (voice: English version) O'aka XXIII/Maechen
The Second Renaissance Part I (2003) (voice)
The Cramp Twins Bouncy Bob (1 episode, 2003)
Battlestar Galactica (2003) (VG) (voice) Lord Erebus, Deimos
Spider-Man (2002) (VG) (voice) Vulture
Invader ZIM Announcer / ... (2 episodes, 2001-2002)
Johnny Bravo Leo / ... (1 episode, 2001)
Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate
The Agency (1 episode, 2001)
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura (2001) (VG) Simeon Tor
Dead Last Jonah Simcock / ... (1 episode, 2001)
Fainaru fantajî X (2001) (VG) (voice: English version) Maechen/O'aka XXIII/Maester Mika
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) (voice) (uncredited) Scan Technician
Star Trek: Voyager Lt. Reginald 'Reg' Barclay III / ... (7 episodes, 1995-2001)
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel (2001) (VG) (voice) Gammorin/Paladin Latham
The Wild Thornberrys: The Origin of Donnie (2001) (TV) (voice)
CatDog: The Great Parent Mystery (2001) (TV) (voice) Eddie
Blood Wake (2001) (VG) (voice)
Sacrifice (2000) (VG) (voice)
Banpaia hantâ D (2000) (voice) Benge/Old Man of Barbarois
Tenchu 2 (2000) (VG) (voice) Wang Dahai
Family Guy Clerk / ... (2 episodes, 1999-2000)
Civilizations: Call to Power 2 (2000) (VG) (voice)
Globehunters (2000) Dr. Burke
Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate II
Walker, Texas Ranger Lloyd Allen (1 episode, 1999)
The Wild Thornberrys Dr. Freed, Customer / ... (2 episodes, 1999)
The Chimp Channel (1999) TV series (voice) Stan
Spawn Doctor / ... (1 episode, 1999)
Fantasy Island Greasy (1 episode, 1999)
Fallout 2: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game (1998) (VG) (voice) Hakunin
Stargate SG-1 The Keeper (1 episode, 1998)
CatDog (1998) TV series Eddie The Squirrel (unknown episodes)
Golgo 13: Queen Bee (1998) (V) (voice: English version) Robert Hardy
The Lost World (1998) (TV) Edward Malone
The First Men in the Moon (1997) (V) Various
Get to the Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story (1997) (TV) Irby Mandrell
Alexander Senki (1997) TV series Attalos (unknown episodes)
Mononoke-hime (1997) (voice: English version) Additional Voices
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Garret Grady (1 episode, 1997)
Diagnosis Murder Dr. Gavin Reed / ... (2 episodes, 1995-1997)
Star Trek: First Contact (1996) Lieutenant Reginald Endicott Barclay III
Hak hap (1996) (voice) (uncredited) King Kau
Touched by an Angel Dr. Adam Litowski (1 episode, 1996)
Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart (1996) (TV) Peter Donner
Rocko's Modern Life Black-Masked Conglomo Golf Course Worker (1 episode, 1996)
Nowhere Man Harrison Barton (1 episode, 1996)
Deadly Games Nathan Abrams (1 episode, 1995)
Flipper Wayne Cole (1 episode, 1995)
The Outer Limits Levi Mitchell (1 episode, 1995)
Enola Gay and the Atomic Bombing of Japan (1995) (voice) Narrator
Babylon 5 Amis (1 episode, 1994)
Weird Science Hank (1 episode, 1994)
Fortune Hunter Jack Sasso (1 episode)
Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills (1994) (TV) Dr. Jerome Oziel
Star Trek: The Next Generation Barclay (5 episodes, 1990-1994)
Victim of Love: The Shannon Mohr Story (1993) (TV) Dave Davis
Boomtown (1993) (TV)
The Temp (1993) Roger Jasser
Child of Rage (1992) (TV) Rob Tyler
Woman with a Past (1992) (TV) Mick
Last Wish (1992) (TV) Ed Edwards
Past Imperfect (1991) (TV)
A Killer Among Us (1990) (TV) Clifford Gillette
Lifestories Steve Arnold (1 episode, 1990)
The Long Walk Home (1990) Norman Thompson
Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) J. Robert Oppenheimer
Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder (1989) (TV) Tony Franken
Jake and the Fatman David Thompson (1 episode, 1987)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit (1987) (TV) Andrew Lloyd
Alfred Hitchcock Presents David Powell (1 episode, 1987)
The A-Team Capt. H.M. Howling Mad Murdock (98 episodes, 1983-1987)
When Your Lover Leaves (1983) (TV) Richard Reese
Alone in the Dark (1982) Dr. Dan Potter
Nurse Dr. Kevin Michaels (1 episode, 1981)
Sherlock Holmes (1981) (TV) Bassick
The Fan (1981) Director
Bitter Harvest (1981) (TV) Schlatter
Dial M for Murder (1981) (TV) TV Director
CHiPs Lyle (1 episode, 1981)
Hill Street Blues Carmichael (1 episode, 1981)



Dwight Schultz married former actress Wendy Fulton (Bare Essence) in 1983 and has a daughter named Ava.

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