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Gareth Hunt

Mike Gambit in The New Avengers

Photos Gareth Hunt Birth name: Alan Leonard Hunt
Birth date: 1943/02/07
Date of death : 2007/03/14 (64 years old)
Birth place : Londres (Angleterre)

French Traduire

Biography for Gareth Hunt

Gareth Hunt (born 7 February 1943 in London) is an English actor, known for his roles as Frederick in Upstairs, Downstairs and Mike Gambit in The New Avengers which also starred a youthful Joanna Lumley as Purdee. They were complimented by the only member of the original series The Avengers to reprise his role, Patrick Macnee as John Steed.

The curly-haired Hunt subsequently made a series of television ads for Nescafé, with a trademark move; to shake his clenched hand then open it and smell it, to reveal coffee beans. Naturally, this somewhat dubious hand motion and his rhyming name (See Cockney rhyming slang) earned his place in the hearts of all 1970s schoolchildren, viz. "Don't be such a Gareth Hunt".

He also had a role in the 1974 Doctor Who story Planet of the Spiders.

Impeccable brushing and very seventies tight suit, Gareth Hunt was the perfect interpreter of Gambit, a long -term student of John Steed from the 'New Avengers' series. Neveu of actress Martha Hunt, Gareth first entered the merchant navy for six years, and then exercises some small trades before joining the Webber Doublas Academy of Dramatic Arts.

As early as 1972, Gareth Hunt played the role of a police officer in the series 'For the Love of Ada', made an appearance in 'A Family At War' and in the film 'Organization'. In 1974, he played the role of the fantastic Doctor Who in 'Planet of the Spiders' and 'wound this house', then continued in the popular series 'Upstairs Downnstirs', in which he made punctual appearances until 1975. But C 'is by winning the role of Gambit, partner of the Blonde Sexy Purdey in' New Avengers' - 'Melon hat and leather boots' - which it becomes famous.

For twenty-six episodes, he will be the secret agent of his very gracious majesty in eph 'chic legs. He then plays in suspense movies like 'Sunday night thriller' or 'Minder'. In 1988, he also turned 'it that could' t happen here ', while turning an advertisement for Nescafé ... which makes him even more popular in the tea-time that.

The last decade of his life is less glorious: he embodies supporting roles in the series 'The adventures of Robin des Bois', 'Harry and the Wrinkies' and 'Absolute Power', turns for the sitcom 'Side by Side', for The SOAP 'Nights and Days' and plays a small role in 'Ferocious Creatures'. Weakened by a heart attack in 1999, he died of pancreatic cancer in 2007.

Gareth Hunt was a British actor known for his role in the television series "The New Avengers" in the 1970s. He was born on February 7, 1942 in London, England, and spent a large part of his life in the city. Hunt began his career as a professional actor in the 1960s, appearing in theater productions and films before making a name for himself as a television star.


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Title Role
Night & Day (2001) TV Series Charlie Doyle
Parting Shots (1999) Inspector Bass
Harry and the Wrinklies (1999) TV Series Percy 'Beastly' Priestly
The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo (1998) Grand Master
Fierce Creatures (1997) Inspector Masefield
Upstairs Downstairs Remembered: 25th Anniversary (1996) (V) Presenter
Side by Side (1992) TV Series Vince Tulley
The Castle of Adventure (1990) (TV) Bill Cunningham
A Ghost in Monte Carlo (1990) (TV) Dalton
Grottmorden (1990) Craig Lammar
The Lady and the Highwayman (1989) (TV) Coachman/Sgt. Potter
A Chorus of Disapproval (1988) Ian Hubbard
A Hazard of Hearts (1987) (TV) Joker
It Couldn't Happen Here (1987) Uncle Dredge/postcard seller/ventriloquist
Bloodbath at the House of Death (1984) Elliot Broome
And the Wall Came Tumbling Down (1984) (TV) Peter Whiteway
Gabrielle and the Doodleman (1984)
Funny Money (1982) Keith Banks
That Beryl Marston ...! (1981) TV Series Gerry Bodley
The World Is Full of Married Men (1979) Jay Grossman
The House on Garibaldi Street (1979) (TV) Kedem
No 1: Licensed to Love and Kill (1979) Charles Bind
The New Avengers (1976) TV Series Mike Gambit
Upstairs, Downstairs (1971) TV Series Frederick Norton (1975)
The Brotherhood (1975) (TV) Woolner
For the Love of Ada (1972) Policeman


Nephew of actress Martita Hunt.

Famous for his Nescafe coffee television commercials in which he shook coffee beans in his hands.


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