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Richard Jaeckel

Lieutnant Martin Quirk in Spenser for Hire

Photos Richard Jaeckel Birth name: Richard Hanley Jaeckel
Birth date: 1926/10/10
Date of death : 1997/06/14 (71 years old)
Birth place : Long Beach, Long Island, New-York
Height: 1.70 m

French Traduire

Biography for Richard Jaeckel

Stocky tough-guy character actor Richard Jaeckel remains one of Hollywood's most prolific supporting stars. Born in Long Island, New York, on October 10, 1926, Jaeckel's family moved to Los Angeles when he was still in his teens. After graduation from Hollywood High School, Jaeckel was discovered by a casting director while working as a mailboy for 20th Century-Fox. Although he had some reluctance to act, Jaeckel accepted a key part in the war epic Guadalcanal Diary (1943) and remained in films for over 50 years, graduating from playing baby-faced teenagers (like Dick Clark, Jaeckel never seemed to age) to gunfighters and hired killers with ease. From 1944-48 he served in the US Navy, and after his discharge he co-starred in Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) with John Wayne. Jaeckel's other notable roles in films include one of a trio of GIs accused of raping a German girl in Town Without Pity (1961)--a standout performance--and The Dirty Dozen (1967) as tough MP Sgt. Clyde Bowren, who goes along on the mission to keep an eye on the prisoners he's trained, a role he reprised in a made-for-TV sequel in 1985. Jaeckel also received an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor for his funny but tragic performance in Sometimes a Great Notion (1971). Although he appeared in over 70 films, he was very active in television series such as "Frontier Circus" (1961), "Banyon" (1972), "Firehouse" (1974), "Salvage 1" (1979), "At Ease" (1983), "Spenser: For Hire" (1985) and "Supercarrier" (1988). From 1991-94 he played Lt. Ben Edwards on the hit series "Baywatch" (1989). He passed away after a three-year battle with melanoma cancer on June 14, 1997, at the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, California. Jaeckel was 70 years old.

Born in 1926 and died in 1997, the face of Richard Jaeckel is better known to moviegoers and televorals that we could see so well in the cinema in the 12 bastards, Pat Garett and Billy Le Kid, La Beetle in Mexico City or Starman, like on television in episodes of burned heads or funny ladies ...

Richard Jaeckel is an American actor born October 10, 1926 in Long Beach, California. He began his acting career in the 1940s and continued to work until his death in 1997. He was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the largest of combatants in 1975.

Jaeckel has played in many movies and television series during his career. He was particularly active in the 1950s and 1960s, where he played in films such as the night warriors, the train whistled three times, and the old madman and the spy. He also played in popular television series such as Remington Steele surveys and the fugitive.

Jaeckel was a versatile actor, capable of playing roles in different gender films. He was often considered an actor of support, but he also had the opportunity to play main roles in some of his films and television series. He was known for his presence on the screen and his ability to embody complex and emotionally rich characters.

Jaeckel died in 1997 at the age of 71. His acting career lasted over fifty years and he left a lasting imprint on the world of cinema and television.


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Title Role
Baywatch Lt. Ben Edwards (1991-1992)
Martial Outlaw (1993) Mr. White
The King of the Kickboxers (1991) Capt. O'Day
China Beach
Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection (1990) DEA Agent John Page
Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier (1989) (TV) Al Gibson
Ghetto Blaster (1989) Mike Henry
Supercarrier (1988) TV Series Master Chief Sam Rivers (1988)
Supercarrier (1988) (TV) Master Chief Sam Rivers
Murder, She Wrote
Black Moon Rising (1986) Earl Windom
Spenser: For Hire (1985) TV Series Lt. Martin Quirk
The Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission (1985) (TV) MP Sgt. Clyde Bowren
Cover Up Stanton
Starman (1984) George Fox
Goma-2 (1984) Martín
The Love Boat
The Fix (1984) Charles Dale
At Ease (1983) TV Series Maj. Hawkins
Fantasy Island
Matt Houston
Airplane II: The Sequel (1982) (as Richard H. Jaeckel) Controller #2
Cold River (1982) Mike Allison
King's Crossing
McClain's Law
Blood Song (1982) Frank (Marion's father)
...All the Marbles (1981) Bill Dudley (Reno referee)
Little House on the Prairie
The Awakening of Candra (1981) (TV) Robert Harrison
Mr. No Legs (1981) Chuck
Charlie's Angels - Island Angels (1980) TV Episode Bud Fischer
Herbie Goes Bananas (1980) Sheppard
Reward (1980) (TV) Capt. Randolph
Insight - Princess (1980) TV Episode
The $5.20 an Hour Dream (1980) (TV) Albert Kleinschmidt
Salvage 1 (1979) TV Series Jack Klinger (1979)
Lou Grant - Witness (1979) TV Episode Dan Staley
Delta Fox (1979) Santana
Pacific Inferno (1979) Robert 'Dealer' Fletcher
The Dark (1979) Det. Dave Mooney
Salvage (1979) (TV) Jack Klinger
Champions: A Love Story (1979) (TV) Peter Scoggin, Jr.
Centennial (1978) (mini) TV Series Sgt. Lykes
Go West, Young Girl (1978) (TV) Billy
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Speedtrap (1977) Billy
The Oregon Trail - The Scarlet Ribbon (1977) TV Episode
Big Hawaii - You Can't Lose 'Em All (1977) TV Episode Cal Seward
Carter Country - Out of the Closet (1977) TV Episode Bill Peterson
Kingston: Confidential - The Anonymous Hero (1977) TV Episode
The Fantastic Journey - The Innocent Prey (1977) TV Episode York
Day of the Animals (1977) Prof. Taylor MacGregor
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977) Towne
Kit Carson and the Mountain Men (1977) (TV) Ed Kern
McCloud - Bonnie and McCloud (1976) TV Episode Sheriff Matheson
Gemini Man - Suspect Your Local Police (????) TV Episode
Mako: The Jaws of Death (1976) Sonny Stein
Jigsaw John - Homicide 96403 (1976) TV Episode Sheriff
Grizzly (1976) Naturalist Arthur Scott
Baretta - Aggie (1976) TV Episode Downing
Joe Forrester - Pressure Point (1976) TV Episode
Ellery Queen
Walking Tall Part II (1975) Stud Pardee
Cannon - The Wrong Medicine (1975) TV Episode Cy Carter
The Drowning Pool (1975) Lt. Franks
The Last Day (1975) (TV) Grat Dalton
Firehouse (1974) TV Series Hank Myers (1974)
Petrocelli - Counterplay (1974) TV Episode Sergeant Sanford
Lucas Tanner - Winners and Losers (1974) TV Episode Coach Ed Scoley
Police Story - Fathers and Sons (1974) TV Episode Sergeant Wilson
Movin' On - Roadblock (1974) TV Episode Red
Born Innocent (1974) (TV) Mr. Parker
Chosen Survivors (1974) Gordon Ellis
The F.B.I.
The Outfit (1973) Chemy
Shaft - The Enforcers (1973) TV Episode Det. Sgt. Lew Turner
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) Sheriff Kip McKinney
Partners in Crime (1973) (TV) Frank Jordan
The Red Pony (1973) (TV) James Creighton
Firehouse (1973) (TV) Hank Myers
The Kill (1973)
Banyon (1972) TV Series Lt. Pete McNeil (1972-1973)
Ulzana's Raid (1972) Sergeant
Mission: Impossible - Run for the Money (1971) TV Episode Edward Trask
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury - Operation: Offset (1971) TV Episode Barth
Deadly Dream (1971) (TV) Delgreve
Sometimes a Great Notion (1971) Joe Ben Stamper
Chisum (1970) Jess Evans
Ido zero daisakusen (1969) Perry Lawton
Surabaya Conspiracy (1969) Dirk
The Green Slime (1968) Commander Vince Elliott
The Name of the Game - The White Birch (1968) TV Episode Melchek
The Devil's Brigade (1968) Pvt. Omar Greco
The Dirty Dozen (1967) Sgt. Clyde Bowren
The Wild Wild West - The Night of the Cadre (1967) TV Episode Sergeant Stryker - The Night of the Grand Emir (1966) TV Episode
The Time Tunnel - The Ghost of Nero (1967) TV Episode Sgt. Mueller
Perry Mason - The Case of the Bogus Buccaneers (1966) TV Episode Mike Woods - The Case of the Lover's Leap (1963) TV Episode
Luke and the Tenderfoot (1965) (TV) Man
Town Tamer (1965) Deputy Johnny Honsinger
Nightmare in the Sun (1965) Motorcyclist
Once Before I Die (1965) Custer
The Outer Limits - Specimen: Unknown (1964) TV Episode Capt. Mike Doweling
The Virginian
Temple Houston - The Case for William Gotch (1964) TV Episode Coley
Combat! - Gideon's Army (1963) TV Episode Sgt. Buxman
4 for Texas (1963) Pete Mancini
The Young and the Brave (1963) Cpl. John Estway
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour TV Episode Tom
The Dakotas - Fargo (1963) TV Episode Cal Storm
Wagon Train
Have Gun - Will Travel - The Predators (1962) TV Episode John Tyree
Frontier Circus Tony Gentry
Town Without Pity (1961) Cpl. Birdwell Birdie Scott
The Tall Man - The Grudge Fight (1961) TV Episode Denver
The Untouchables - The Otto Frick Story (1960) TV Episode Hans Eberhardt
Flaming Star (1960) Angus Pierce
The Rebel
77 Sunset Strip - The Office Caper (1960) TV Episode Bob Bent
Tales of Wells Fargo - The Kinfolk (1960) TV Episode Len Lassiter
The Gallant Hours (1960) Lt. Cmdr. Roy Webb
Platinum High School (1960) Hack Marlow
Zane Grey Theater
Tightrope - The Cracking Point (1959) TV Episode Cruncher
Naked City - Baker's Dozen (1959) TV Episode Lance
Trackdown - The Protector (1959) TV Episode Frank Wilson
The Texan - The Man Behind the Star (1959) TV Episode Clint Gleason
Cimarron City - The Bloodline (1958) TV Episode Webb Martin
When Hell Broke Loose (1958) Karl
The Gun Runners (1958) Blond henchman on boat [Script name: Buzurki]
The Millionaire
The Naked and the Dead (1958) Gallagher
The Lineup (1958) Sandy McLain
Alcoa Theatre - The Days of November (1958) TV Episode Spencer
Cowboy (1958) Paul Curtis
Flight - Parachute Jump (????) TV Episode
3:10 to Yuma (1957) Charlie Prince
Playhouse 90 - Ain't No Time for Glory (1957) TV Episode Sgt. Luke Mertz
West Point
Navy Log - War of the Whale Boats (1957) TV Episode Lieutenant Bradshaw
Studio 57
Schlitz Playhouse of Stars
The 20th Century-Fox Hour
Attack (1956) Pvt. Snowden
Front Row Center - Dinner Date (1956) TV Episode Mitch Mullin
Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre
Matinee Theatre - For These Services (1955) TV Episode
Apache Ambush (1955) Lee Parker
Producers' Showcase - The Petrified Forest (1955) TV Episode
The Violent Men (1955) Wade Matlock
Kraft Television Theatre
The Ford Television Theatre
The Elgin Hour - Floodtide (1954) TV Episode Virgil Gaddis
Goodyear Television Playhouse
The Public Defender Episode Davis
The Shanghai Story (1954) 'Knuckles' Green
The United States Steel Hour
Sea of Lost Ships (1954) H.G. 'Hap' O'Malley
Stories of the Century
Four Star Playhouse
Big Leaguer (1953) Bobby Bronson
Come Back, Little Sheba (1952) Turk Fisher
Hoodlum Empire (1952) Ted Dawson
My Son John (1952) Chuck Jefferson
The Sea Hornet (1951) Johnny Radford
Fighting Coast Guard (1951) Tony Jessup
Wyoming Mail (1950) Nate
The Gunfighter (1950) Eddie
Sands of Iwo Jima (1949) Pfc. Frank Flynn
Battleground (1949) Pvt. Bettis
City Across the River (1949) Bull
Jungle Patrol (1948) Lt. Dick Carter
Wing and a Prayer (1944) Beezy Bessemer


Although battling cancer, director Joe Dante had originally hoped that Jaeckel would be able to return to work and provide the voice of Link Static for his upcoming project Small Soldiers (1998). This film reunited Jaeckel's fellow cast members from The Dirty Dozen (1967). Jaeckel died from his cancer before shooting began.

Was forced to file bankruptcy in late 1995 due to a $1.7 million debt and eventually he lost his home in Brentwood, California. He later moved into the Motion Picture and Television Retirement Center in Woodland Hills, a home for old actors were he stayed for the next three years until his death in June of 1997.

According to Robert Osborne in "Academy Awards 1972 Oscar Annual," Jaeckel got the role in "Sometimes a Great Notion" (1971) when Paul Newman ran into him at Malibu Beach. Jaeckel was relaxing and swimming with his family and friends, and as Newman watched him playing with his own children, he thought that Jaeckel would be just right to play his brother in the film. Newman subsequently stood up for casting Jaeckel at later conferences with studio management, and he got the part, and an Oscar nomination.

Jaeckel had the distinction of being cast as an 'irregular' supporting player in films along side the likes of Paul Newman, Burt Lancaster and Glenn Ford.


Spouse : Antoinette Marches (? - ?) 2 sons

His son, Barry, is a former touring PGA golfer.

His wife, Antoinette, was diagnosed with a severe mental illness shortly before his death.

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