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Sam J. Jones

Highwayman in The Highwayman

Photos Sam J. Jones Birth name: Andrew J. Cooper III
Birth date: 1954/08/12 (68 years old)
Birth place : Chicago
Height: 1.93 m

French Traduire

Biography for Sam J. Jones

With his Viking warrior build, Sam Jones looks straight out of an American comic film adventure.

As a result, he was enrolled in playing various comic book heroes, on television, such as "Flash Gordon" in 1980, then "The Spirit" in 1987, and "Jane and the Lost City" in 1989.

In a more basic role, he embodies the rival in love with actor Dudley Moore, in the film "10", for the beautiful eyes of actress Bo Derek.

His roles on television also include the character of Chris Rochek in "Code Red" in 1981-82, then "Police 2000", in 1988.

Sam J. Jones is an American actor known for his role as Flash Gordon in the eponymous film of 1980. He was born on August 12, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.

Jones began his career as a model and made his cinema debut in the 1970s. He played in several movies and television series, notably in the films "The Last Combat" and "The Master". However, he is best known for his role as Flash Gordon, an intergalactic superhero in the eponymous film of 1980.

Apart from his acting career, Jones is also a former member of the American army. He served in the US Air Force as a member of the anti -like team before continuing his acting career.

Jones is a talented actor who knew how to make a name for himself in the film industry. He continued to work in the world of entertainment over the years and is now recognized for his work in the film "Flash Gordon".


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Title Role
Redemption (2003/I) (V) Brick
Psychotic (2002) (as Sam Jones) Dr. Donald Westlake
Van Hook (2001) Uncle Dwayne
Dead Sexy (2001) (V) Rackles
Down 'n Dirty (2000) (as Sam Jones) Stanton James
Gangland (2000) (as Sam Jones) Sgt. Richards
Evasive Action (1998) (uncredited) Convict
T.N.T. (1998) Greel
Hollywood Safari (1997/II) TV Series Troy Johnson
American Tigers (1996) Sergeant Major Ransom
Baja Run (1996) Carl Brubaker
Earth Minus Zero (1996)
Killer Inside, The (1996) (as Sam Jones)
R.I.O.T.: The Movie (1996) (V) Jimmy O'Brien
Where Truth Lies (1996) James
American Strays (1996) (as Sam Jones) Exterminator
Fists of Iron (1995) Tyler
Obsession Kills (1995) (as Sam Jones) Steve Davis
Ballistic (1995) (as Sam Jones) Braden
Ray Alexander: A Menu for Murder (1995) (TV)
Texas Payback (1994) Louis Gentry
Hard Vice (1994) Joe
Da Vinci's War (1993) Jim Holbrook
Expert Weapon (1993) Janson
Fist of Honor (1993) Fist Sullivan
Lady Dragon 2 (1993) (as Sam Jones) Reb
Return to Zork (1993) (VG) Blind Bowman
Thunder in Paradise (1993) (V) David Kilmer
Maximum Force (1992) Michael Crews
South Beach (1992) Billy
Night Rhythms (1992) Jackson
Other Woman, The (1992) Mike Florian
In Gold We Trust (1991) Jeff Slater
Driving Force (1989) Steve
Jungle Heat (1989/I)
One Man Force (1989) Pete
L.A. Takedown (1989) (TV) (as Sam Jones) Jimmy
Silent Assassins (1988) Sam Kettle
Whiteforce (1988) Johnny Quinn
Under the Gun (1988) Mike Braxton
Highwayman, The (1988) TV Series The Highwayman
Jane and the Lost City (1987) Jungle Jack
Police 2000 (1987) (TV) Highwayman
Spirit, The (1987) (TV) Spirit/Denny Colt
My Chauffeur (1986) Battle
This Wife for Hire (1985) (TV) Tommy Sellers
No Man's Land (1984) (TV) Eli Howe
Code Red (1981) TV Series Chris Rorchek
Code Red (1981) (TV) Chris Rorchek
Flash Gordon (1980) (as Sam Jones) Flash Gordon
Stunts Unlimited (1980) (TV) Bo
10 (1979) David Hanley


Under the name Andrew Cooper III, appeared as the centerfold in Playgirl Magazine's June 1975 issue.


Spouse : Lynn Eriks (1982 - 1987) (divorced) 2 children, Ramona Lynn Jones (? - present) 3 children.

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