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Tony Anholt

Tony Verdeschi in Space 1999

Photos Tony Anholt Birth name: Anthony Anholt
Birth date: 1941/01/19
Date of death : 2002/07/26 (61 years old)
Birth place : Singapour
Height: 1.77 m

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Biography for Tony Anholt

, 1941 - July 26, 2002) was a British actor best known for his role as Security Chief Tony Verdeschi in the second season of the 1970s television series Space: 1999, Paul Buchet in The Protectors, and as Charles Frere in the BBC drama series Howards' Way. He was a continuity announcer for the BBC World Service. He also made a guest appearance on the Only Fools and Horses episode To Hull and Back as Boycie's business partner Abdul.

He was the father of actor Christian Anholt. He married and divorced twice (his second wife was the actress Tracey Childs), and died in London of a brain tumor.


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Title Role
Howards' Way (1985) TV Series Charles Frere
The Last Days of Pompeii (1984) (mini) TV Series Lepidus
The Late Nancy Irving (1984) (TV) Dr. Marquis
Triangle (1981) TV Series Nick Stevens (1982)
Space: 1999 (1975) TV Series Tony Verdeschi (1976-1977)
Cosmic Princess (1976) (TV) Tony Verdeschi
Destination Moonbase Alpha (1976) (TV) Tony Verdeschi
Coronation Street (1960) TV Series David Law (1975)
A Midsummer Nightmare (1975) (TV) Johnny Baxter
Marked Personal (1973) TV Series Dennis Rudd
The Strauss Family (1972) (mini) TV Series Eduard
The Protectors (1972) TV Series Paul Buchet
Napoleon and Love (1972) (mini) TV Series Capt. Charles
Fear Is the Key (1972) FBI agent
A Family at War (1970) TV Series
Kate (1970) TV Series Bruce Rogers


Longtime continuity announcer on BBC World Service radio.

Was deeply interested in philosophy and meditation.

In the soap opera "Howard's Way", Lynne Howard (played by Tracey Childs) was the on-off lover of Charles Frere (played by Tony Anholt). In real life Childs married Anholt round about the time the series was cancelled.


Spouse : Tracey Childs (1990 - 1998) (divorced), Sheila Willet (1964 - 1986) (divorced) 1 child

Father of actor Christien Anholt.

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