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William Conrad

Jason Lochinvar "Fatman" McCabe in Jake and the fatman, Frank Cannon in Cannon

Photos William Conrad Birth name: William Cann
Birth date: 1920/09/27
Date of death : 1994/02/11 (74 years old)
Birth place : Louisville (Kentucky, USA)

French Traduire

Biography for William Conrad

William Conrad (September 27, 1920 - February 11, 1994), born William Cann, was an American actor and narrator in radio, film and television noted for his gifted use of a marvelous baritone voice, as well as for his sizable girth. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky.

Starting work in radio in the late 1930s in California, Conrad went on to serve as a fighter pilot in World War II. He returned to the airwaves after the war, going on to accumulate over 7,000 roles in radio by his own estimate.

Conrad's deep, resonant voice led to a number of noteworthy roles in radio drama, most prominently his originating the role of Matt Dillon on the old-time radio program Gunsmoke from 1952-61. He was considered for the role when the series was brought to television in 1955, but his increasing obesity led to the casting of James Arness. Other series to which Conrad contributed his talents included Escape, Suspense and The Damon Runyon Theater.

Among his various film roles, where he was usually cast as threatening figures, perhaps his most notable role was his first credited one, as one of the gunmen sent to eliminate Burt Lancaster in the 1946 film The Killers. He also appeared in Body and Soul (1947), Sorry, Wrong Number, Joan of Arc (both 1948), and The Naked Jungle (1954).

Moving to television in the 1960s, his first decade in the medium was largely marked by a return to voice work and the direction of Brainstorm in 1965; he narrated the Bullwinkle cartoons from 1961-73, and later performed the role of Denethor in the 1980 animated TV version of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Return of the King. But the 1970s saw him starring in the first of three detective series which would bring him an added measure of renown, Cannon, which ran from 1971-76. He later starred in both Nero Wolfe (1981) and Jake and the Fatman (1987-92).

Conrad died at age 73 in Los Angeles, California and is interred at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery. He was elected to the Radio Hall of Fame in 1997.

Born September 27, 1920 in Louisville, Kentucky, Conrad began at the cinema in The Killers, the classic of Robert Siodmak, in 1946, and interpreted roles of police, sheriff or even journalist in several films before regularly collaborating in the radio series Escape, in 1950, and to appear in several TV series including Bat Masterson, Have Gun Will Travel, High Chaparral and later Operation Vol, the man who falls out of time (in his own role) and Arabesque. But he is also a producer and director, working in particular with the success of Gunsmoke, the man at the rifle or Naked City in the 1950s. Died in 1994, the actor was also the protagonist of two more known series, one Canceled after a few episodes, Nero Wolfe, the other more popular, the law is the law (Jake and the Fatman - Guess who is the Fatman ...), with Joe Penny de Riptide. Undoubtedly, Cannon's popularity is based on him and he remained associated with the role after the stop of the series in 1976. His character earned him two nominations at the Golden Globes as the best television actor in 1972 and 1973.

William Conrad was an American actor born September 27, 1920 in Louisville, Kentucky. He started his career as a narrator for documentaries, before becoming a dubbing player for films and television series in the 1950s. He was also a director and producer.

Conrad was one of the most recognized voices in the dubbing industry, especially as a narrator for the television series "Rocky and his friends" and "The Jungle Book". He also doubled many characters for the animated films of Walt Disney, including "101 Dalmatians" and "The Jungle Book".

As an actor, Conrad has played in many popular television series from the 1950s and 1960s, notably "Cannon" and "Le Fugitive". He also played in films such as "Le Faucon Maltais" and "Star Wars".

Conrad won a Primetime Emmy Award in 1971 for his role in the television series "Le Fugitive". He was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 1966 for his role in the series "Cannon".

Conrad died on February 11, 1994 in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 73. His acting career and producer made him famous around the world and he remains one of the most recognized actors in the dubbing industry.


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Title Role
Hudson Hawk (1991) (voix) narrateur
The Highwayman (1988) Series TV (voix) narrateur
Jake and the Fatman (1987) Series TV Jason Lochinvar Fatman McCabe (1987-1992)
Jake and the Fatman (1987) (TV) Jason Lochinvar 'J.L.' McCabe
The Highwayman (1987) (TV) narrateur
Vengeance: The Story of Tony Cimo (1986) (TV) Jim Dunn
Killing Cars (1986) Mr. Mahoney
In Like Flynn (1985) (TV) Sergeant Dominic
Manimal (1983) Series TV (voix) narrateur (1983)
Manimal (1983) (TV) (voix) narrateur
Trauma Center (1983) Series TV (voix) narrateur
The Cremation of Sam McGee: A Poem by Robert W. Service (1982) (voix) narrateur
The Mikado (1982) (TV) The Mikado of Japan
Shocktrauma (1982) (TV) Dr. R. Adams Cowley
Nero Wolfe (1981) Series TV Nero Wolfe (1981)
Side Show (1981) (TV) (voix) Ring Announcer
The Return of Frank Cannon (1980) (TV) Frank Cannon
The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour (1980) Series TV (voix) (as William Darnoc) The Lone Ranger
The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour (1980) Series TV (voix) (as William Darnoc) The Lone Ranger
Turnover Smith (1980) (TV) Thaddeus Smith
The Return of the King (1980) (TV) (voix) Denethor
The Murder That Wouldn't Die (1980) (TV) William Battles
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) Series TV (voix) narrateur (1979-1980)
The Rebels (1979) (mini) Series TV (voix) narrateur
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979) (voix) Opening narration and Draconian officer
Keefer (1978) (TV) Keefer
How the West Was Won (1978) (mini) Series TV (voix) narrateur
Night Cries (1978) (TV) Dr. Whelan
Force of Evil (1977) (TV) narrateur
The Killers (1977)
Moonshine County Express (1977) Jack Starkey
How the West Was Won (1977) (mini) Series TV (voix) narrateur
Tales of the Unexpected (1977/I) Series TV (voix) narrateur
The City (1977) (TV) (voix) narrateur
The Macahans (1976) (TV) (voix) narrateur
Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan (1975) (TV) (voix) narrateur
The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One (1974) (TV) narrateur
The Wild, Wild World of Animals (1973) Series TV (voix) narrateur (1973-76)
Cannon (1971) Series TV Frank Cannon (1971-76)
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury (1971) (TV) Keegan
Cannon (1971) (TV) Frank Cannon
D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill (1971) (TV) Chief Vincent Kovac
The Brotherhood of the Bell (1970) (TV) Bart Harris
Chisum (1970) (voix) narrateur - Opening Credits
The Dudley Do-Right Show (1969) Series TV (voix) narrateur #2
Countdown (1968) (voix)
Battle of the Bulge (1965) narrateur
The Fugitive (1963) Series TV (voix) narrateur
The Bullwinkle Show (1961) Series TV (voix) Rocky and Bullwinkle narrateur/Dudley Do-Right narrateur #2
This Man Dawson (1959) Series TV (voix) narrateur
Rocky and His Friends (1959) Series TV narrateur for Rocky and Bullwinkle segments
-30- (1959) Jim Bathgate
Zero Hour! (1957) (voix) narrateur
The Ride Back (1957) Sheriff Chris Hamish
Johnny Concho (1956) Tallman
The Conqueror (1956) Kasar
5 Against the House (1955) Eric Berg, the cash cart man
The Bob Mathias Story (1954) Off-Screen narrateur
The Naked Jungle (1954) Commissioner
The Desert Song (1953) Lachmed
Cry of the Hunted (1953) Goodwin
Lone Star (1952) Mizette
The Racket (1951) Det. Sgt. Turk
The Sword of Monte Cristo (1951) Major Nicolet
Cry Danger (1951) Louie Castro
Dial 1119 (1950) Chuckles, Bartender
The Milkman (1950) Mike Morrel
One Way Street (1950) Ollie
Tension (1950) Police Lt. Edgar 'Blackie' Gonsales
Escape (1950) Series TV (voix) narrateur
East Side, West Side (1949) Lieutenant Jake Jacobi
Any Number Can Play (1949) Frank Sistina
Four Faces West (1948) Sheriff Egan
Joan of Arc (1948) Guillaume Erard (a prosecutor)
Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) Morano
To the Victor (1948) Farnsworth
Arch of Triumph (1948) Policeman at accident
Body and Soul (1947) Quinn
The Killers (1946) Max (a killer)
Pillow to Post (1945) First Motorcycle Cop


Was the original Marshall Matt Dillon on the "Gunsmoke" radio show.

Inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1997.

Portrayed Marshall Matt Dillon on CBS Radio's "Gunsmoke" (1952-1961).


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