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18 Wheels of Justice

18 Wheels of Justice Dates : 2000 - 2001
44 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 12 Novembre 2001
Creator(s) : Richard C Okie
Producer(s) : Stu Segall, Bill Dial et Richard C Okie
Music : Christopher Franke
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Michael Cates is a special agent infiltrated with a dangerous, Jacob Calder. Calder Unmasks Michael and exploded his house, killing his wife and son. Obliged to hide and change his identity, Michael joins under the name of luck Bowman, a new control program of witnesses, organized by his colleague Cie Baxter. On board his 15 -ton truck, he crosses the roads, fights crime and protects the victims, in the hope of taking revenge.

The law of the fugitive (18 Wheels of Justice) was an American television series broadcast between 2000 and 2001. The series featured Ted Shackelford and William Lucking in the main roles. She followed the story of an American road police officer named Jack Logan, interpreted by Ted Shackelford, who chases a criminal on the run aboard her semi-trailer.

The series was created by Stephen J. Cannell and was inspired by the eponymous novel by Patrick A. Davis. It was broadcast on the American television channel USA Network for two seasons, made up of 22 episodes each. The first season was broadcast in 2000, and the second and last season in 2001.

The intrigue of the series focused on the adventures of Jack Logan, a road police officer who pursues a criminal on the run aboard his semi-trailer. Logan is helped in his quest by a group of other road police officers, who help him follow the fleeting of the fugitive while fighting against the forces of evil that seek to harm them.

The series was greeted by criticism for its thrilling plot and well -developed characters. The performances of the actors, in particular those of Ted Shackelford and William Lucking, were also widely rented. Despite these praise, the series did not meet the expected success and was canceled after only two seasons. Today, the law of the fugitive remains a cult gem for fans of action television series.

The Actors

Lucky Vanous - Michael Cates/Chance Bowman

Lucky Vanous

(Michael Cates/Chance Bowman)


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