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A Man Called Sloane

A Man Called Sloane Dates : 1979 - 1979
13 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 08 mars 1981
Creator(s) : Cliff Gould
Producer(s) : Quinn Martin
Music : Patrick Williams
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French Traduire


Thomas Remington Sloane III seconded by Torque a black guy from two meters and fitted with a steel hand is an agent working for a secret agency called unit sort of james bond at each start of episode kelly provided him very useful gadgets for His mission he can also count on Effie a super computer with a female voice.

Sloane, special agent (A Man Called Sloane) is an American television series broadcast between 1979 and 1980. The series featured Robert Conrad in the role of Toby Sloane, a special agent working for a secret government organization known as I.M.F. (Impossible force missions).

In each episode, Sloane and his team were responsible for carrying out dangerous and top secret missions, often involving infiltration or sabotage missions behind enemy lines. The series was known for its intense action scenes and for its use of high-tech gadgets.

The casting of the series also included Lynda Day George in the role of Lisa Casey, an experienced field agent and the secret love of Sloane, as well as Sam Elliot as Garth, a former sniper who became a field agent.

Despite its popularity with viewers, Sloane, a special agent lasted only one season of 24 episodes before being canceled by the NBC television channel. However, the series has continued to be broadcast in syndication and has become a classic cult over the years.

The Actors

Robert Conrad - Thomas Remington Sloane III

Robert Conrad

(Thomas Remington Sloane III)

Ji-Tu Cumbaka - Torque

Ji-Tu Cumbaka


Dan O'Herlihy - Le Directeur

Dan O'Herlihy

(Le Directeur)


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During the Torque pilot episode is actually Sloane's enemy and dies at the end. He becomes his teammate for the series.


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