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A Man Called Sloane

A Man Called Sloane Dates : 1979 - 1979
13 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 08 mars 1981
Creator(s) : Cliff Gould
Producer(s) : Quinn Martin
Music : Patrick Williams
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French Traduire


Sloane is a freelance spy. Although he doesn't work for the government, he frequently accepts assignments from The Director, a head of a secret government agency. He's assisted by Torque, a man with a detachable hand (which can be replaced by a variety of implements drills, guns, and what-not).

The Actors

Robert Conrad - Thomas Remington Sloane III

Robert Conrad

(Thomas Remington Sloane III)

Ji-Tu Cumbaka - Torque

Ji-Tu Cumbaka


Dan O'Herlihy - Le Directeur

Dan O'Herlihy

(Le Directeur)


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