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American Gothic

American Gothic Dates : 1995 - 1996
22 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 13 Novembre 1997
Creator(s) : Shaun Cassidy
Producer(s) : Shaun Cassidy, David Eick
Music : Joseph Loduca
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American Gothic is a horror/drama/thriller series set in the heart of South Carolina in a small town called Trinity. In this town not everyone is as they seem and everyone seems to follow their leader, Sheriff Lucas Buck. Lucas's son, Caleb Temple, was brought up by another family and was lead to believe that a man called Gage was his father. The local doctor, Matt Crower, gets curious when suddenly the Sheriff wants everything to do with Caleb. Then Caleb's cousin, Gail Emory, comes to town to protect Caleb in every way she can, but that is extremely difficult when she fall in love with Lucas. Then Caleb's school teacher, Miss Selena Coombs, becomes jealous. But also on Caleb's side is his dead sister, Merlyn. She is an angel prepared to do ANYTHING to keep Lucas away...

The Actors

Gary Cole - Lucas Buck

Gary Cole

(Lucas Buck)

Paige Turco - Gail Emory

Paige Turco

(Gail Emory)


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According to "The Sci-Fi Channel Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction" by Roger Fulton & John Betancourt, there were 2 episodes that were originally not aired. They are "Echo of Your Last Goodbye" and "Strangler". "Potato Boy" and "Ring of Fire" were aired out of sequence.


Filming locations:

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