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Chuck Dates : 2007 - 2012
91 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 9 Novembre 2008
Creator(s) : Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak
Producer(s) : McG
Music : Cake
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Chuck Bartowski is a Nerd, a computers who works at the Buy More de Burbank, a large area of ​​household appliances and electronics, more particularly in IT department called Nerd Herd, which is a parody of Geek Squad.

As legend wants, as a Nerd, he is not very good at girls. His sister Ellie, who goes out with Devon, alias the captain that is too top (Captain Awesome en VO), pushes him kindly to try his luck.

But his life will tip over the day Bryce Larkin, his former best friend of Stanford University, sends him a mysterious email which contains the entire encrypted database bringing together information from the NSA and the CIA, the intersecret (Intersect in VO). Chuck's unconscious then holds all the data from these two agencies which are revealed by flashes at the sight of certain objects or people.

John Casey de la NSA, a very great man of his country as well as Sarah Walker from the CIA, a very beautiful woman full of talent and charm, arrive, who initiate him to the world of the world of espionage and try to protect him from all his adventures.

His life is then divided between Sarah, his best friend Morgan Grimes, his sister Ellie, her job at Buy More, the spy missions and the mysteries of her life.

Chuck is an American television series which was broadcast for five seasons from 2007 to 2012. The series follows the adventures of Chuck Bartowski, an ordinary young man who works in an electronics store. However, his life takes an unexpected turning point when he receives a mysterious e-mail from a childhood friend who sends him top-secret information that is downloaded in his head. This information turns out to be a spying file known as "Intersect", which contains all the top-secret information from the CIA and the National Security Agency.

Following this, Chuck finds himself embedded in a spying life and is assigned to work with two CIA agents, Sarah Walker and John Casey, to protect the intersect file and use his knowledge to accomplish spy missions. In addition to having to manage his spy life, Chuck must also navigate his personal and professional life, including his relationships with his family and friends.

The series was acclaimed by criticism for its mixture of comedy and action, as well as for its endearing characters and its captivating narrative frame. She won several awards, including a People's Choice Award for "New favorite series" in 2008. Chuck was also popular with viewers and was renewed for several seasons, before ending in 2012 after five seasons.


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Chuck is an American television series in 91 42-minute episodes, created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, produced by MCG, broadcast from September 24, 2007 to January 27, 2012 on the NBC network in the United States. In Canada, the first three seasons were broadcast on CityTV, and the last two simultaneously on CHCH-DT/CJNT-DT.

In France, the series has been broadcast since November 9, 2008 on TF1 as well as since October 1, 2011 on NT1, in Belgium, since November 21, 2008 on the two or the UN and in Quebec since March 4, 2009 on Ztélé.


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