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Cimarron strip

Cimarron strip Dates : 1967 - 1968
23 episodes of 72 min
First broadcasting : 23 August 1974
Creator(s) : Christopher Knopf
Producer(s) : Philip Leacock
Music : Maurice Jarre
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In this unusual 90-minute western series, Stuart Whitman starred as Marshal Jim Crown, who was assigned one of the West's toughest territories, the Cimarron Strip: a stretch of land located between the Kansas Territory and land owned and occupied by the Indians. The threat of range wars was always bubbling just beneath the surface, and if that wasn't enough to occupy Crown, the Strip was also filled with its share of killers, gamblers, bank robbers, etc. Crown, who worked out of Cimarron City, was assigned no deputies, so he often counted on grizzled Scotsman MacGregor, green photographer Francis or cute hotel owner Dulcey for help.

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