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Cimarron strip

Cimarron strip Dates : 1967 - 1968
23 episodes of 72 min
First broadcasting : 23 August 1974
Creator(s) : Christopher Knopf
Producer(s) : Philip Leacock
Music : Maurice Jarre
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Marshal Jim Crown strives to maintain the law in Cimarron and its territory. He is helped by Mac Gregor and photographer Francis Wilde and by the blonde Dulcey.

Cimarron Strip is an American television series broadcast in 1967. The series was produced by MGM studios and was broadcast on CBS. The series was created by producers Roy Huggins and Stuart Miller, who had already worked together on other popular television series, such as Maverick and The Fugitive.

The series took place in Cimarron City, a fictitious city located in Oklahoma, in the middle of the 19th century. The main character in the series was Marshal Jim Crown, played by Stuart Whitman. Jim Crown was a courageous and fair Marshal who watched over order and law in the city. He was helped by his assistant, scanting Connors, and by his girlfriend, the widow Laredo Stevens.

Cimarron Strip was a dramatic series that featured many conflicts and intrigues linked to life in a border city in the middle of the 19th century. The series tackled subjects such as conflicts between settlers and Indians, bandit attacks, prosecution races and shootings. The episodes were often epic and were accompanied by a dramatic soundtrack which added to the atmosphere of the series.

Despite its quality, Cimarron Strip did not meet the expected success and was only broadcast for a single season, made up of 30 episodes. The series was canceled in 1968 and did not know in a row. However, the series was considered a precursor to modern television westerns and was praised for its staging and its interpretation. In summary, Cimarron Strip was a dramatic television series which took place in the American West in the middle of the 19th century and which featured the Marshal Jim Crown and his adventures to maintain order in the city of Cimarron.


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Many stars like David Carradine, Lq Jones, Darren Mc Gavin appeared in guest features.


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