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Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds Dates : 2005 - 0
129 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 28 juin 2006
Creator(s) : Jeff Davis
Producer(s) : Mark Gordon
Music : Mark Mancina
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French Traduire


A team of quantico profilers in Virginia is responsible for investigating criminals and serial killers that are rampant throughout US territory. Each of its members acts differently according to their specialty.

There is notably the special agent Derek Morgan, specializing in the study of obsessive crimes, the liaison agent Jennifer Jareau, responsible for public relations in the Department of Behavior Sciences or the Statistics Expert, Spencer Reid.

Criminal spirits (criminal minds in English) was an American television series created by Jeff Davis which was broadcast from 2005 to 2020 on the CBS channel. The series followed an elite unit of the FBI called the "Bau" (Behavioral Analysis Unit), which specialized in behavioral analysis to resolve complex criminal affairs.

The BAU was made up of profilers who used their skills in psychology and criminology to reconstruct the profiles of serial killers and other criminals. The series featured the members of the BAU working on different cases each week, using advanced investigation techniques to catch criminals before they can knock again.

The casting of the series included actors such as Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A. J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness and Aisha Tyler. The series was a great success and was renewed for several seasons, until its final in 2020. It won several prizes, including a Primetime Emmy Award for the best original song in 2007.

Criminal minds was an exciting and captivating series that fascinated viewers for 15 seasons. Fans of the series were attracted to the complex plot and the fascinating characters, as well as by the deep themes that were discussed during the series, such as psychopathology, criminal psychology and violent behavior. The series was also praised for its realistic and authentic approach to behavioral analysis and criminal surveys.

The Actors

Thomas Gibson - Aaron Hotchner

Thomas Gibson

(Aaron Hotchner)

Matthew Gray Gubler - Docteur Spencer Reid

Matthew Gray Gubler

(Docteur Spencer Reid)

Joe Mantegna - David Rossi

Joe Mantegna

(David Rossi)

Shemar Moore - Derek Morgan

Shemar Moore

(Derek Morgan)

Paget Brewster - Emily Prentiss

Paget Brewster

(Emily Prentiss)


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