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Early Edition

Early Edition Dates : 1996 - 2000
90 episodes of 44 min
First broadcasting : 30 Septembre 1997
Creator(s) : Ian Abrams, Patrick Q Page et Vik Rubenfeld
Producer(s) : Bob Brush, Michael Dinner, Lillah McCarthy et Jeff Melvoin
Music : Bennett Salvan, W.G. Snuffy Walden et Joseph Williams
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Gary Hobson, unemployed exchange agent, installed at the hotel due to divorce, finds each morning in front of his door the edition of "Chicago Sun-Totes" dated the next day ...

Incredict, Gary has been obvious: he is the only one to know the events that will take place the same day and that will make the headlines of all the next day!

Gary shares his secret with Chuck, his best friend, and Marissa, a blind standardist, who makes him understand the formidable possibility of changing the course of fate, anticipating dramas and giving them a happy outcome ...

Tomorrow at the UN (Early Edition) was an American television series broadcast between 1996 and 2000. The series featured a man by the name of Gary Hobson, interpreted by Kyle Chandler, who found himself every morning in possession of the next day's newspaper. By discovering the events that were going to occur, Gary was faced with the difficult decision to change the course of history or let things go as planned.

The series was a dramatic comedy which was a certain success during its broadcast, in particular thanks to the performance of Chandler as Gary Hobson. The character of Gary was an ordinary man who found himself in an extraordinary situation, and the viewers appreciated following his adventures while he was trying to do good while facing the sometimes unpredictable consequences of his choices.

In addition to chandler, the series also included a solid distribution of secondary characters, notably Fisher Stevens in the role of Chuck Fishman, a friend of Gary who helps him use information from the newspaper to do good, and Shanesia Davis Williams in The role of Marissa Clark, a journalist who works with Gary.

Although the series lasted only four seasons, it was greeted by criticism for its original presentation and its fascinating history. The viewers appreciated following Gary while he was fighting to do good in a complex and unpredictable world, and the series was a success with an audience of all ages.

The Actors

Kyle Chandler - Gary Hobson

Kyle Chandler

(Gary Hobson)

Fisher Stevens - Chuck Fishman

Fisher Stevens

(Chuck Fishman)


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During the fourth season, W.G. Snuffy Walden's main title theme was replaced with "Time Has Come Today" by the Chambers Brothers, though Walden continued to get credit.


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