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Highlander Dates : 1992 - 1998
119 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 1er octobre 1993
Creator(s) : Gregory Widen
Producer(s) : Bill PANZER et Peter S. DAVIS
Music : Queen
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Inspired by the movie of the same name follows the life of Duncan Macleod, a clansman of Connor Macleod, star of the movie. Duncan's an immortal, who has been alive for four hundred years. The first season follows his attempt to live a normal life with his French girlfriend, Tessa. He took in a young street kid named Richie, whom he confided his secret--that he's an immortal and can only be killed when he is beheaded. And also once beheaded their power goes into the one who beheads them, which means that there's always an immortal who wants to take their head. The second season Duncan discovered there's a secret society, whose duty is to record what immortals do. And the one assigned to "watch" Duncan is Joe Dawson. It seems that some of their members feel that immortals are abominations and must be disposed, which they tried. Also Tessa and Richie were killed but Richie then learned that he is an immortal which is why Duncan took him in and confided in him. Duncan would constantly run into Amanda who ia an immortal and a thief but Duncan tries to reform her and has occasional success. He would also meet Methos who is supposedly the oldest immortal. Now the first half of each season begins in North America while the second half takes place in Europe, mostly France.

The Actors

Adrian Paul - Duncan Mc Leod

Adrian Paul

(Duncan Mc Leod)

Stan Kirsch - Richie Ryan

Stan Kirsch

(Richie Ryan)

Peter Wingfield - Methos

Peter Wingfield



Photos Highlander n_0 Photos Highlander n_1


Episode 5.1, "One Minute to Midnight", was originally filmed and aired as episode 4.22 in Europe.

Episode 5.19, "Double Jeopardy" was originally filmed and aired as Episode 4.19 in Europe.

Episode 5.2, "Prophecy," was originally aired filmed and aired as episode 5.1 in Europe.

Many of the episodes of the series have French actors with their voices redubbed by Vancouver-based voice actors Gary Chalk and Janyse Jaud.

The series directly follows the feature film Highlander (1986), but with a slight twist: according the series, Connor MacLeod was not the last Immortal and did not win the Prize. In fact, 'Christopher Lambert' guest stars in the pilot episode to pass the baton to series lead Adrian Paul.

Some of the clips used in the title sequence were taken from the movie Highlander II: The Quickening (1991).

The season five finale, "Archangel", was originally shot with a cliffhanger ending set 20 years in the future, when MacLeod is finally prepared to defeat Ahriman. The sixth season was planned to happen in the future, but was deemed too dark early on and was finally scrapped when the budget was sliced.

Jim Byrnes, who plays Joe Dawson, also contributed many songs to the show's soundtrack. Some of these can frequently be heard as background music during scenes in Joe's bar.

The character 'Duncan MacLeod' was ranked #11 in TV Guide's list of the "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends" (1 August 2004 issue).

Plans for a spin-off series led to a group of sixth-season episodes focusing on a new female Immortal (a "back-door pilot" in industry-speak). None of these characters caught on, and the established character of Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen) became the lead for "Highlander: The Raven" (1998).

A late fifth season episode, which partly depicted a fictional inspiration for Frankenstein, used the book's subtitle of "The Modern Prometheus".

Werner Stocker had already died of cancer before the end of the first season, so that episode (which opened with his character's murder) edited together existing footage from earlier episodes for the first scenes.

The series was originally planned to follow the film, with Connor Macleod in the lead role, to be played by Adrian Paul. Paul, however, wanted the freedom to create his own characterization, and to avoid direct comparisons to Christopher Lambert, so the writers agreed to create a new character.

SPOILER: Early in the second season, Alexandra Vandernoot told the producers she didn't want to be on the show anymore - which lead the writers to kill her off in "The Darkness".


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