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Hogan's Heroes

Hogan's Heroes Dates : 1965 - 1971
168 episodes of 25 min
First broadcasting : 29 Juin 1987
Creator(s) : Bernard Fein et Albert S Ruddy
Producer(s) : Edward H Feldman et William A Calihan Jr
Music : Jerry Fielding
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French Traduire


During the Second World War, in Germany ... Officially, the Stalag 13, a German prison camp, was directed with an iron fist by Colonel Klink and Sergeant Schultz. Unofficially, they are manipulated in style by Colonel Hogan and his men, American prisoners, who enter and leave the stalag according to their sabotage missions or their gallant meetings.

Papa Schultz is an American television series from the 1960s which was broadcast on CBS for six seasons, from 1965 to 1971. The series took place during the Second World War and follows the adventures of a group of American prisoners of war which are imprisoned In a German prison camp camp. The group is led by an American army officer named Colonel Robert E. Hogan, known as "Papa Schultz".

The group of prisoners also includes other colorful characters, such as Sergeant Andrew Carter, an explosives expert, Sergeant James Kinchloe, a communications expert, Sergeant Richard Baker, a camouflage expert, and Corporal Louis Lebeau, an expert in cooking and languages. Together, they carry out secret missions to sabotage the plans of the German army and help the allies win the war.

The prison camp is headed by commander Wolfgang Hochstetter, a strict and sadistic German officer, and Colonel Wilhelm Klink, an incompetent and fearful German officer. The camp is also populated by other German characters such as Sergeant Hans Schultz, hence the name of the series, which is responsible for the security of the camp but which is easily manipulated by American prisoners.

Papa Schultz was a great success on television and has won numerous prizes, including an Emmy Award for the best comedy in 1967. The series was also widely broadcast worldwide and is considered a classic on American television.

The Actors

Bob Crane - Colonel Robert Hogan

Bob Crane

(Colonel Robert Hogan)

Werner Klemperer - Colonel Wilhelm Klink

Werner Klemperer

(Colonel Wilhelm Klink)

John Banner - Sergent Hans Schultz

John Banner

(Sergent Hans Schultz)

Ivan Dixon - Sergent James « Kinch » Kinchloe

Ivan Dixon

(Sergent James « Kinch » Kinchloe)

Larry Hovis - Sergent Andrew Carter

Larry Hovis

(Sergent Andrew Carter)

Richard Dawson - Caporal Peter Newkirk

Richard Dawson

(Caporal Peter Newkirk)

Robert Clary - Caporal Louis LeBeau

Robert Clary

(Caporal Louis LeBeau)


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Hogan's Heroes (in VO) was broadcast in France under two titles. When the series landed on the coasts of Canal + in 1987, it was called Stalag 13, according to the name of the prisoner camp where Hogan and his men are locked up. During her visit to M6, she became Papa Schultz, named after the unpaid German officer.

Image magic and illusion: salt was used to simulate snow!

Werner Klemperer, Howard Caine, Leon Askin and John Banner, who embodied the German officers, were all Jews.

The famous leather jacket carried by Colonel Hogan was one of Frank Sinatra's costumes in the Express of Colonel Von Ryan. He came out of the boxes in 2003, more than 30 years after the series, for the film Auto Focus telling the life of Bob Crane.

Richard Dawson (who plays the role of the English corporal Peter Newkirk), had interviewed for the role of Hogan, but having too much the British accent he was not selected for the main role. This led to discord during the shooting between him and Bob Crane who was selected for the role of Hogan.


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