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Kids Incorporated : Synopsis, Pictures, Photos, Trivia, Filming Locations

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Kids Incorporated

Kids Incorporated Dates : 1984 - 1993
150 episodes of 20 min
First broadcasting : Inconnu
Creator(s) : Thomas Lynch and Gary Biller
Producer(s) : Lynch-Biller Productions
Music :
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The series revolved around a group of children and teenagers who performed in their own rock group, Kids Incorporated. The band members struggled to deal with issues ranging from divorce to violence to schoolyard crushes while performing regularly at a local restaurant/theatre called "the P*lace.

The Actors


Photos Kids Incorporated n_0


The P*lace (called The Malt Shop in the pilot). It was originally named The Palace, but the "a" in the neon sign burned out

Jennifer Love Hewitt was not the original actress cast as Robin. Partway through the filming of the 1989 season, the original actress was released and Hewitt was given the role (perhaps explaining why she was one of the few characters to not share their name with the actor playing the role.)

Following the filming of the 1989 season the show was put on hiatus for two years, with the series picking up again in 1991. Only two stars from the 1989 season -- Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kenny Ford - returned to continue production (hence the sudden change in the cast list at this time).


Filming locations:

Los Angeles, Ca, USA


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