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Las Vegas

Las Vegas Dates : 2003 - 2008
106 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 06 Septembre 2004
Creator(s) : Gary Scott Thompson
Producer(s) : Daniel Arkin, Jill Cargerman
Music : Charlie Clouser, Alan Ett et Scott Liggett
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Ed Deline (or "Big Ed"), a former CIA agent, runs a very famous casino from Las Vegas: Montecito. For him as for his employees, life is sometimes dangerous, always hectic (stop cheaters, investigate disappearances, prevent bomb attacks, face customers all more wacky than the other ...) . He is surrounded by Danny McCoy (Head of Security), Mike Cannon (ex-aheader who is now working on security alongside Danny), Samantha Jane Marquez (or "Sam", hostess who takes care of big customers that She calls "whales"), Mary Connell (in charge of Danny's event and childhood friend), Delinda Deline (the daughter of Ed, who manages the "mystique", the hyper trendy bar of Montecito) and Nessa Holt ( Responsible for the game tables, Ed collected it as a child and go to her as if she were her own daughter).

Las Vegas was an American television series broadcast on NBC from 2003 to 2008. The series took place in Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada, and staged a group of professionals working at Montecito Resort and Casino. The main character was the entertainment host Danny McCoy, interpreted by Josh Duhamel, who worked closely with the manager of the casino, Ed Deline, embodied by James Caan.

The series followed the adventures of these characters as they faced a variety of problems, ranging from the safety of the casino to the personal stories of the employees. The series was largely focused on action and adventure, but it also included elements of comedy and drama.

Over the years, the distribution of the series has undergone several changes, with the arrival of new characters such as Mike Cannon, interpreted by James Lesure, and Nessa Holt, played by Marsha Thomason. The series has been very successful over the years and has been nominated for several prizes, including a Primetime Emmy Award for the best make -up.

Despite its success, the series was canceled after five seasons due to drops in audience. However, she continued to be disseminated in syndication on other channels and remained popular with fans. In summary, Las Vegas was an entertaining and thrilling series that has captivated viewers for many years.

The Actors

James Caan - Ed « big Ed » Deline

James Caan

(Ed « big Ed » Deline)

Josh Duhamel - Danny McCoy

Josh Duhamel

(Danny McCoy)

Molly Sims - Delinda Deline

Molly Sims

(Delinda Deline)

Vanessa Marcil - Samantha « Sam » Jane Marquez

Vanessa Marcil

(Samantha « Sam » Jane Marquez)

James Lesure - Mike Cannon

James Lesure

(Mike Cannon)

Nikki Cox - Mary Connell

Nikki Cox

(Mary Connell)

Marsha Thomason - Nessa Holt

Marsha Thomason

(Nessa Holt)


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The end of season 4 also marks the end of an era for Las Vegas. Desiring to devote himself to his film career again, James Caan leaves the series. Obliged by NBC to operate budget cuts, producers also decide to separate from Nikki Cox.

The series welcomed a number of luxury guest stars. Fans remember, among other things, the appearances of Sylvester Stallone, Alec Baldwin, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jon Lovitz, Dennis Hopper, Paris Hilton, Christian Kane or Jill Hennessy and Jerry O'Connell (during crossovers with the proof series support).

When it was launched (September 22, 2003), the series was broadcast on NBC on Monday at 9 p.m. A little less than 3 years later, in March 2006, it was moved to Friday evening 9 p.m. by the chain, a much less exposed time box and with much lower audiences.

In the United States, the credits of the credits are "A Little Less Conversation", interpreted by an icon in the city of Las Vegas: Elvis Presley!

During the first season of Heroes, many characters (Hiro, Ando, ​​Niki and Nathan) go through Las Vegas and, it seems, by Montecito.

On December 1, 2006, Nikki Cox, Molly Sims, Josh Duhamel and James Lesure participated in a special issue of the program "1 vs. 100" on NBC, intended to raise funds for charity. None of them will be able to gain the slightest penny ...

Don Johnson, the famous detective Sonny Crockett of two cops in Miami, had been a time to play the role of Big Ed Deline, finally held by James Caan.

The interior of Montecito is inspired by a famous casino from Las Vegas, the Mandalay Bay. If the pilot episode was shot there, the series team then relocated ... in California.

The Las Vegas series had trouble winning. Indeed, American critics have hated and the second season has never even failed. It was too expensive.


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