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Logan's Run

Logan's Run Dates : 1977 - 1978
13 episodes of 52 min
First broadcasting : 17 Septembre 1978
Creator(s) : Ivan Goff et Ben Roberts
Producer(s) : Leonard Katzman
Music : Bruce Broughton, Jerrold Immel et Laurence Rosenthal.
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French Traduire


A television series based on the movie of the same title wherein the entire planet is devastated by a nuclear holocaust and in the 23rd century various societies sprout everywhere and are totally oblivious of each other. One of these communities is the City of Domes wherein the citizens live in total bliss but because of limited space and resources, everyone who reaches the age of 30 is executed in an event called Carousel wherein they are told that they might be renewed in a new form. Now there are dissidents who don't believe the tales of the outside still uninhabitable because of the nuclear radiation. And they also believe of a place called Sanctuary where they can live in peace. These individuals are called Runners and they are hunted by men called Sandmen. One of these men is Logan, who questions whether being renewed actually happens and if the outside is uninhabitable. When he is sent to track down some runners, one of them Jessica who knows about Logan's doubts fuels them with what she knows and Logan decides to join her and they leave the city and search for Sanctuary. Francis, Logan's partner is tasked with trying to find him. Along the way they meet Rem an android, who helps them find their way and teach about the world they have entered.

The Actors

Gregory Harrison - Logan 23

Gregory Harrison

(Logan 23)

Heather Menzies - Jessica 6

Heather Menzies

(Jessica 6)

Randy Powell - Francis 14

Randy Powell

(Francis 14)


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Unlike the film, there were no life clocks on the palms of the inhabitants of the City of Domes.


Filming locations:

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