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Logan's Run

Logan's Run Dates : 1977 - 1978
13 episodes of 52 min
First broadcasting : 17 Septembre 1978
Creator(s) : Ivan Goff et Ben Roberts
Producer(s) : Leonard Katzman
Music : Bruce Broughton, Jerrold Immel et Laurence Rosenthal.
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French Traduire


In the 23rd century, in a large city closed by a dome and isolated from a forgotten outside world, humanity is dedicated only to pleasure (sex in all its forms, drugs ...), released by the servo-mechanisms that ensure its needs.

Only one condition to avoid overcrowding, not a single person on earth will now be allowed to live beyond 30 years, unless a rebirth in the flamboyant ritual of the carousel ...

From birth, we implant in the right palm of each a life crystal, extension of the super-computer that is called the thinker. This crystal changes color during life, going from yellow to blue, then red, flashing on the last day, black if the person did not show up to accept "sleep", death by injection then cremation.

Logan 23 is one of the bloodhounds, PS agents (special police) who track and then eliminate the fugitives. During a hunt, he meets Jessica 6, member of a secret organization aimed at helping the fugitives, who reveals to Logan that the carousel is a lie, and that it is possible to live outside the city .

Betting her friend Francis 14, Logan fled from the city with Jessica and the android Rem, all three leaving in search of the sanctuary, a mythical place where there would be neither thinker, nor crystals of life, nor men of the men of PS to track you down, a haven of peace where men and women live, raise their own children and die freely ...

The Cristal Age (Logan's Run in English) is an American television series which was broadcast for the first time in 1977. The series is based on the eponymous novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. The story takes place in a distant future where society is organized in autonomous bubble cities. In this society, individuals are condemned to die at the age of 30, which is supposed to guarantee stability and social harmony. However, some individuals choose to flee this mandatory death sentence and are chased by men's hunters called "sandmen".

The main character in the series is Logan, a Sandman who is responsible for continuing the fugitives. Logan discovers, however, that the truth about the society in which he lives is not the one that has always been presented to him, and he also decides to run away. He is accompanied in his flight by Jessica, a young woman he met and with whom he falls in love.

During their flight, Logan and Jessica discover that the society in which they lived was only an illusion, and that in reality, they lived in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by the nuclear war. They also meet communities of individuals who have managed to survive outside the bubble cities and who fight to preserve their humanity in a hostile world.

The series was broadcast for two seasons and totaled 24 episodes. She was acclaimed by criticism for her original universe and her pessimistic vision of the future of humanity. Although she did not have a great commercial success at the time, she was considered today as a classic of television science fiction.

The Actors

Gregory Harrison - Logan 23

Gregory Harrison

(Logan 23)

Heather Menzies - Jessica 6

Heather Menzies

(Jessica 6)

Randy Powell - Francis 14

Randy Powell

(Francis 14)


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We must add the pilot episode as well as an episode which was never shot for lack of audience, but whose title appears in the listing proposed, which makes us a total of 15 episodes.

This series is adapted from William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's novel.


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