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Lost Dates : 2004 - 2010
121 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 25 juin 2005
Creator(s) : J.J Abrams et Damon Lindelof
Producer(s) : J.J Abrams
Music : Michael Giacchino
Web surfers's rate : 9.5/10 for 4 rates - Rate

French Traduire


After a mysterious and bloody airplane crash, 48 survivors are left stranded on a Pacific Island... miles off course. It soon becomes apparent that they will not have to cope only with the forces of nature, but with the island's secrets, including the Dharma Initiative, the 'Lost Numbers', the "others" (or hostiles) and the strange black smoke- to name a few. There is also much more than meets the eye, as it becomes apparent that everyone is connected in some way and that everyone has a purpose to live on the island... and for some, to die. Written by Anonymous

A horrific plane crash leaves 48 passengers alive, and stranded on a remote island in the South Pacific. The survivors include doctor Jack, now freed prisoner Kate, one hit wonder rock star Charlie, Iraqi military vet Sayid, and a mysterious man named Locke. For a while their goal is simple survival, but they soon realize that it was far more than mere chance that brought them together, and each of them has a purpose that will help them unlock the island's secrets. Written by rmlohner

After a somewhat mysterious sequence of events, an oceanic flight from Sydney to LA crashes on what appears to be a deserted island. The chance of being found and rescued is fairly small, so the survivors have to cope with a set of challenges. They have to learn to survive on the island, a mysterious place with enough dangers on its own. Also, they have to learn to live with each other if any success is to be expected. And finally, they have to live with themselves and their pasts. Interwoven with the events on the islands are flashbacks to the pasts of 14 main characters. Step by step, we learn a little more about their diverse and unexpected pasts as the group's quest to

The Actors

Terry O'Quinn - John Locke

Terry O'Quinn

(John Locke)

Matthew Fox - Jack Shepard

Matthew Fox

(Jack Shepard)

Emilie De Ravin - Claire Littleton

Emilie De Ravin

(Claire Littleton)

Harold Perrineau Jr. - Michael Dawson

Harold Perrineau Jr.

(Michael Dawson)


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