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Matt Houston

Matt Houston Dates : 1982 - 1985
69 episodes of 50 min
First broadcasting : 14 Avril 1985
Creator(s) : Lawrence Gordon
Producer(s) :
Music : John Davis, Dominic Frontiere (générique), Ken Harrison, Ken Heller, Artie Kane, Nelson Riddle
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The adventures of a Texan billionaire highlight. His name is Matt Houston and he was born with oil wells around his cradle. Built like an athlete, he is a man of action.

In addition to the direction of a powerful multinational, he plays the private amateur with his assistant C.J. Parsons.

Naturally it is not embarrassed by the infrastructure in its surveys: it has indeed the most modern means and in particular 'a helicopter on the roof of its building. He can also count on his relations to obtain the information he wishes.

Matt Houston was an American television series which was broadcast between 1982 and 1985. The series featured Lee Horsley in the role of Matt Houston, a private detective working in Los Angeles. The character of Houston was an intelligent and perceptive detective, who had a weakness for beautiful clothes and fast cars. The series followed the adventures of Houston and his assistant, C.J. Parsons (Pamela Hensley), while they resolved affairs in the rich and famous circles of the city.

The series was rather popular at the time of its broadcast, partly thanks to the charm of Horsley and the performance of Hensley as C.J. Parsons. The series was also known for its high -level guests, which included famous actors like Mickey Rooney, Don Knotts and Burt Reynolds.

Despite its initial success, the series was finally canceled in 1985 after three seasons due to high production costs and a drop in audience. Since its end, the series has won a certain nostalgia for fans and has often been considered a classic of television series from the 1980s.

The Actors

Lee Horsley - Matlock 'Matt' Houston

Lee Horsley

(Matlock 'Matt' Houston)

Pamela Hensley - C.J. Parsons

Pamela Hensley

(C.J. Parsons)


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Matt Houston never kills only to defend himself, except in an episode or a serial killer that Matt had just master, and who had attacked a person dear to his heart, had threatened him to start again. And there Matt said to him: "I never kill for pleasure", the serial killer threatens him and Matt Houston turns by saying: "Except this time", without adding other words he kills the bad blood . This episode caused a lot of ink to the USA which did not admit this gesture from a hero.


Filming locations:

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