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My Wife and Kids

My Wife and Kids Dates : 2001 - 2005
123 episodes of 22 min
First broadcasting : 10 Novembre 2003
Creator(s) : Don Reo et Damon Wayans
Producer(s) : Susan Crank, David Himelfarb, Don Reo et Damon Wayans
Music : Dwayne Wayans et Derryck Thornton
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Michael Kyle is a loving husband and a fulfilled father. But it is not always easy to raise three children. Between a son passionate about rap music with rather aggressive words and who put his pregnant girlfriend, a teenage girl who causes her a lot of worries and the youngest who always wants to have the last word, we are not bored with the Kyle family . He became a young grandfather when his son became a father at 17 from little Mickael Kyle Junior Junior.

Michael Kyle had three children with Janet. The couple is a parent of a boy named Junior, a clear girl and a little girl Kady. Junior will have a baby with Vanessa at the age of 17. Kady met Franklin, a 7 -year -old child who is very intelligent and who can speak several languages. This gifted also knows how to sing opera and play piano. Claire met Tony who is very religious.

My family first (My Wife and Kids in English) was an American sitcom which was broadcast on the ABC channel between March 2001 and May 2005. The series featured Damon Wayans in the role of Michael Kyle, a family father Who tries to maintain order in his household made up of his wife, three children and his stepfather.

The series was known for its offbeat humor and colorful characters, notably Michael Kyle, a severe and authoritarian father, and Jr., his rebellious teenage son. The series explored the challenges facing parents in the education of their children and tackled themes such as parenting, family relationships, marriage and adolescents.

My family first was a critical and commercial success, winning several prizes and appointments, including a Primetime Emmy Award for the best actor in a comic series for Damon Wayans. The series has also been praised for its unique approach to the representation of the black American family on television.

In addition to Damon Wayans, the series featured Tisha Campbell-Martin in the role of Jay Kyle, the wife of Michael and mother of their three children, Tisha Campbell-Martin in the role of Jay Kyle, the wife of Michael and Mother From their three children, George O. Gore II in the role of Jr., the eldest son of the family, Jennifer Freeman in the role of Claire, the teenage girl of the family, and Noah Gray-Cabey in the role of Michael Kyle Jr., the younger son of the family. The series was produced by Wayans Bros. Entertainment and ABC Studios.

The Actors

Damon Wayans - Michael Kyle

Damon Wayans

(Michael Kyle)

Tisha Campbell-Martin - Janet 'Jay' Kyle

Tisha Campbell-Martin

(Janet 'Jay' Kyle)

George O Gore II - Michael Kyle Jr

George O Gore II

(Michael Kyle Jr)

Jennifer Freeman - Claire Kyle

Jennifer Freeman

(Claire Kyle)


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As always with Wayans, television (like cinema) is a family story. If Damon Wayans created, produced and played in the series, in the credits we find Kim and Craig (screenwriter), Dwayne (composer), Keenen Ivory, Michael and Damon Jr (who played in episodes) and Damien Wayans ( realization) !

In its edition of June 20, 2004, the TV Guide magazine established the top 50 of the best dads on television. Michael Kyle, the character of Damon Wayans, ranked 27th!

Michael Jordan, the most famous American basketball player, makes an appearance in the first 2 episodes of season 5. He plays his own role there and must face Michael in a match in one against one.

The young Jazz Raycole actress was the first interpreter of Claire Kyle. She had to abandon the series because her mother disappeared the management and the themes addressed by the series. She was replaced at the start of the second season by Jennifer Freeman.

The Kyle live in Stamford, located in the state of Connecticut! This charming little patelin really exists and even has its own website:!

Damon Wayans, creator and main actor of my family first, was inspired by the other most popular black show in recent years: the Cosby Show.


Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California, USA

Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California, USA

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