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Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue Dates : 1996 - 2000
101 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : 2 Novembre 1997
Creator(s) : Bill Nuss
Producer(s) : Stephen J. Cannell, Patrick Hasburgh et Bill Nuss
Music : Christopher Franke
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The daily life of a bicycle police brigade on the beaches of Santa Monica.

Pacific Blue was an American television series broadcast between 1996 and 2000. The series focused on a team of police officers from the Santa Monica Police Division, California, who patrolled bikes while making the Respect law. The team was made up of five experienced police officers, each with unique skills and personalities.

One of the main characters in the series was Bobby Cruz, a former surfing champion who had joined the bicycle division to do something positive after losing a friend in a car accident. He was known to be impulsive and reckless, but also to have a big heart and a sense of honor.

Another important character was Jim Davidson, the head of the Pacific Blue team. He was a former navy and an experienced police officer who had strong ideals and strict moral values. He was often in conflict with Bobby because of their personality differences, but they always ended up working together to resolve cases.

The series featured actors such as Paula Trickey, Kelly Hu and Jeremy Luke, as well as Guest Stars like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Austin Green. It was well received by criticism and won several prices for the quality of its realization and its special effects.

Pacific Blue was an entertaining and well -made series that followed the adventures of this police team from the Santa Monica bicycle division. If you liked other police series like New York Special Unit or Experts, you should love Pacific Blue as well.

The Actors

Mario Lopez - Officier Bobby Cruz

Mario Lopez

(Officier Bobby Cruz)


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