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SeaQuest DSV

SeaQuest DSV Dates : 1993 - 1996
55 episodes of 43 min
First broadcasting : 9 Juillet 1995
Creator(s) : Rockne S O'Bannon
Producer(s) : Steven Spielberg, David J Burke et Patrick Hasburgh
Music : Russ Landau, Don Davis et John Debney
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In 2018, while men practically exhausted all the natural resources of the earth, colonies were established at the bottom of the oceans. These colonies being an object of lust on the part of several nations, a hyper-sophisticated submarine, commanded by Nathan Bridger, is responsible for protecting them.

Seaquest DSV was an American science fiction television series which was broadcast between 1993 and 1996. The series took place in the year 2032, in a future where humans colonized the oceans and live in underwater cities. The series followed the Seaquest DSV crew, a futuristic submarine designed to explore seabed and solve underwater environmental and political problems.

The main character in the series was Captain Nathan Bridger, interpreted by Roy Scheider. Bridger was an eminent former oceanographer and naval engineer who had been recruited to order the Seaquest. He was assisted by a diversified crew, composed in particular of the second officer, Lucas Wolenczak, a teenage computer genius played by Jonathan Brandis, and Dagwood, a speaking dolphin played by Brian McNamara.

The series was created by Rockne S. O'Bannon and produced by Universal Television. It was broadcast on NBC for three seasons, before being canceled in 1996. Although the series was not a critical success, it was praised for its special effects and its ambitious approach to science fiction. She also launched the career of several actors, including Jessica Alba and Michael Ironside.

The Actors

Peter DeLuise - Dagwood

Peter DeLuise


Roy Scheider - Capitaine Nathan Bridger

Roy Scheider

(Capitaine Nathan Bridger)

Stephanie Beacham - Docteur Kristin Westphalen

Stephanie Beacham

(Docteur Kristin Westphalen)

Jonathan Brandis - Lucas Wolenczak

Jonathan Brandis

(Lucas Wolenczak)

Ted Raimi - Timothy O'Neill

Ted Raimi

(Timothy O'Neill)

John D'Aquino - Lieutnant Benjamin Krieg

John D'Aquino

(Lieutnant Benjamin Krieg)

Michael DeLuise - Tony Piccolo

Michael DeLuise

(Tony Piccolo)


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Produced by Steven Spielberg, this series did not have the success hoped for by its creators. He was criticized for his lack of imagination and change of scenery, essential elements for a quality science fiction series, as well as the weakness of his scenarios.

Tired of his role and pressing the end of the series, Roy Scheider leaves her at the end of the second season.

Renamed Seaquet 2032 at the start of the third season and enriched new characters, the series still does not find its audience and NBC cancels it after thirteen episodes.


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