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Stingray Dates : 1985 - 1987
24 episodes of 60 min
First broadcasting : 9 Septembre 1989
Creator(s) : Stephen J. Cannell
Producer(s) : Stephen J. Cannell
Music : Mike Post
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French Traduire


Ray is a shadowy character with a mysterious 'secret agent' past. People in trouble often come to him for help, since he has a lot of important and powerful contacts. He refuses to be paid for his services; however, those seeking his assistance must promise him a favor. Some time in the future, Ray will come to them and ask to collect on that favor, giving them some task that is often arduous and/or dangerous. The title of the show comes from the vintage Corvette Stingray that Ray drives

The Actors

Nick Mancuso - Ray

Nick Mancuso



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Filming locations:

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