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Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Dates : 1997 - 1999
751 episodes of 43 min
First broadcasting : 5 Janvier 1998
Creator(s) : Robert Guza JR, Charles Pratt Jr.
Producer(s) : Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, Gary Tomlin
Music : Tim Truman
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French Traduire


Having discovered her fiancé Tim Truman kissing another woman, Meg Cummings leaves her home in Kansas on their wedding day to start a new life in Sunset Beach, California. Her goal is to find a computer pen pal, SB. Soon after she sets foot on Sunset Beach, Meg's life is turned upside-down, as she becomes involved in the dynamic lives of the Beach's residents.

The Actors

Lesley Anne Down - Olivia Blake Richards

Lesley Anne Down

(Olivia Blake Richards)

Nick Kiriazis - Père Antonio Torres

Nick Kiriazis

(Père Antonio Torres)

Sam Behrens - Gregory Richards

Sam Behrens

(Gregory Richards)

Kathleen Noone - Bette Douglas Katzenkazrahi

Kathleen Noone

(Bette Douglas Katzenkazrahi)

Timothy Adams - Casey Mitchum

Timothy Adams

(Casey Mitchum)

Sarah Buxton - Annie Douglas Richards

Sarah Buxton

(Annie Douglas Richards)

Eddie Cibrian - Cole Deschanel

Eddie Cibrian

(Cole Deschanel)

Vanessa Dorman - Caitlin Richards Deschanel

Vanessa Dorman

(Caitlin Richards Deschanel)

Barbara Mandrell - Alex Mitchum

Barbara Mandrell

(Alex Mitchum)


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Lesley-Anne Down's character was originally going to be named Sheila, but Down explained to Aaron Spelling that Sheila is a derogatory Australian slang term for a woman and might cause problems with overseas sales. She suggested Olivia or Stephanie as alternatives, so the character became Olivia Harrow Richards.

'Kristin Davis' was originally offered the role of Meg Cummings, but she turned it down.

The character of Meg was originally named Susan Cummings, but was changed when Susan Ward was cast in the role.

Originally, Vanessa Dorman was to play Tiffany Thorne but she got the role of Kayla Richards instead (the character name Kayla was changed to Caitlin before filming began).

Clive Robertson landed the role of Ben Evans during a three-week vacation in Los Angeles. He had only a few weeks to return to his home in London, England, acquire a visa, and move to a new country.


Filming locations:

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