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Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Dates : 1997 - 1999
751 episodes of 43 min
First broadcasting : 5 Janvier 1998
Creator(s) : Robert Guza JR, Charles Pratt Jr.
Producer(s) : Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, Gary Tomlin
Music : Tim Truman
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Having discovered her fiancé Tim Truman kissing another woman, Meg Cummings leaves her home in Kansas on their wedding day to start a new life in Sunset Beach, California. Her goal is to find a computer pen pal, SB. Soon after she sets foot on Sunset Beach, Meg's life is turned upside-down, as she becomes involved in the dynamic lives of the Beach's residents.

The Actors

Lesley Anne Down - Olivia Blake Richards

Lesley Anne Down

(Olivia Blake Richards)

Nick Kiriazis - Père Antonio Torres

Nick Kiriazis

(Père Antonio Torres)

Sam Behrens - Gregory Richards

Sam Behrens

(Gregory Richards)

Kathleen Noone - Bette Douglas Katzenkazrahi

Kathleen Noone

(Bette Douglas Katzenkazrahi)

Timothy Adams - Casey Mitchum

Timothy Adams

(Casey Mitchum)

Sarah Buxton - Annie Douglas Richards

Sarah Buxton

(Annie Douglas Richards)

Eddie Cibrian - Cole Deschanel

Eddie Cibrian

(Cole Deschanel)

Vanessa Dorman - Caitlin Richards Deschanel

Vanessa Dorman

(Caitlin Richards Deschanel)

Barbara Mandrell - Alex Mitchum

Barbara Mandrell

(Alex Mitchum)

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