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Tenspeed and Brown Shoe

Tenspeed and Brown Shoe Dates : 1980 - 1980
14 episodes of 47 min
First broadcasting : 22 mars 1981
Creator(s) : Stephen J. Cannell
Producer(s) : Chuck Bowman
Music : Pete Carpenter
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French Traduire


Lionel Whitney is a slightly stuck and obsessed private detective with police novels. His idol is called Mark Savage (a fictitious detective) to the great dismay of E.L. "Tenspeed" Turner, his colleague, a scammer of small scale in parole, and past master in the art of disguise. Turner, moreover, quite often uses unconventional methods, or even on the outlaw limit which oblige Lionel to use his karateka technique to overcome the thugs. Lionel is inspired by his readings all the time to operate their detective agency: we often hear a voiceover getting out of stereotypes like "Mark Savage says never trusting a woman with a cute first name, and she was standing in front of me , Bunny Gabore "...

In short, a cult police series that did not take itself seriously !!!

Shy and without complex (Tenspeed and Brown Shoe) was an American television series which was broadcast between 1980 and 1981. The series featured Jeff Goldblum in the role of Benjamin "Benjy" Benjamin, a former crook who has become a private detective, and Judd Hirsch in the role of Lionel "Tenspeed" Turner, a seller of encyclopedias who becomes his partner.

The two characters were very different from each other: Benjy was an experienced and clever detective, while Tenspeed was a naive and unsafe beginner. Despite their differences, they formed an effective team and completed well, resolving surveys in the streets of Los Angeles.

The series was very entertaining, with colorful characters and exciting intrigues. She was also known for her music, composed by Mike Post, who also worked on other popular series such as Los Angeles experts and law.

Unfortunately, the series was not successful and lasted only one season before being canceled. However, she has acquired a certain notoriety among fans of pop culture and remains a series appreciated for her unique style and engaging characters.

The Actors

Jeff Goldblum - Lionel « Brown Shoe » Whitney

Jeff Goldblum

(Lionel « Brown Shoe » Whitney)

Ben Vereen - E.L. Turner

Ben Vereen

(E.L. Turner)


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Note that the series was written and produced by the prolific Stephen J. Cannell, the Pope of the television series ...

In short, a cult police series that did not take itself seriously !!!


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