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The 4400

The 4400 Dates : 2004 - 2007
45 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 2 février 2005
Creator(s) : Scott Peters
Producer(s) : American Zoetrope
Music : Amanda Abizaid - A place in time (générique), John Van Tonge
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French Traduire


4,400 people who have been missing during the 20th century, sometimes for over 60 years, reappeared in one and the same place: Seattle (in the state of Washington, on the west coast of the United States) following the passage of a mysterious asteroid.

For each of them, time has stopped, but they will resume their place in the world. No one knows what happened, or what happened to them. NTAC teams (National Threat Assessment Center) will investigate to seek to discover the truth.

One of the investigators, Tom Baldwin, makes him a personal affair: his son and his nephew were together when, under unknown conditions, his nephew disappeared, reappearing later with the 4,400; Her son has been plunged into a long coma. He hopes that the return of his nephew will provide him with answers.

The NTAC will quickly realize that some 4,400 develop paranormal capacities, thanks to a neurotransmitter they all have: prominent.

The 4400 is an American television series which was broadcast between 2004 and 2007 on the USA Network cable channel. The series follows the adventures of 4,400 people who have mysteriously disappeared over the past 50 years and who are suddenly reappeared in one place, without any memory of their absence. Although the authorities are perplexed regarding the reason for their return, they are quickly confronted with the discovery that each of the 4400 has extraordinary powers.

The series was created by Scott Peters and René Echevarria, and was produced by MRC, Paramount Network Television and CBS Paramount Television. It was broadcast for four seasons, with a total of 44 episodes.

The 4,400s were welcomed with a certain skepticism by the authorities, who fear that reappeared persons represent a threat to society. However, some of the 4400s are quickly recognized for their heroic actions, while others are accused of crimes they have not committed.

The main character in the series is Tom Baldwin, an agent of the Citizen Protection Service (CPS) responsible for monitoring and protecting the 4400. He is helped by Diana Skouris, a former CPS agent who was retired prematurely Due to his multiple sclerosis.

Over the series, Tom and Diana investigate the powers of the 4400 and the reason for their reappearance. They discover that the 4,400s were removed by extraterrestrials called the "Prometheans", who used them as guinea pigs in experiences aimed at creating super-humans.

Despite the positive criticisms that the series received, the 4,400 was canceled in 2007 due to audience reductions. However, she has won a number of awards, including an EMMY for the visual effects of season 2.



The number 4400 is directly inspired by the 144,000 mentioned in the apocalypse of Jean (7: 4) and representing the elected officials of the 12 tribes of Israel


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