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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr Dates : 1993 - 1994
26 episodes of 43 min
First broadcasting : 28 Décembre 1994
Creator(s) : Carlton Cuse et Jeffrey Boam
Producer(s) : Paul Marks, David Simkins, Carlton Cuse et Jeffrey Boam
Music : Velton Ray Bunch,Randy Edelman,Stephen Graziano,Jeff Marsh
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Hired by local robber barons, Harvard Law Graduate Brisco County, Jr. searches for the members of the infamous John Bly gang, the same men who killed his father, a famous marshal and western legend. Accompanied by his one-time rival and fellow bounty hunter Lord Bowler, Brisco rides through the West trying to bring his father's killers to justice. Along the way, he encounters mysterious golden orbs with strange abilities and colorful characters who help or hinder his mission as he hunts down the Bly gang one by one

The Actors

Bruce Campbell - Brisco County Jr

Bruce Campbell

(Brisco County Jr)

Billy Drago - John Bly

Billy Drago

(John Bly)

Christian Clemenson - Socrates Poole

Christian Clemenson

(Socrates Poole)


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Brisco's horse was billed in the credits as "Comet the Wonder Horse," and named Comet in the show, with the implication that he was the smartest character on the show. In fact, "Comet" was actually portrayed by four separate horses, with the horse being used in any particular scene depending on the type of action Comet was expected to perform.

Lord Bowler's real name was James Longfeather, this was first revealed in Hard Rock

Brisco has used the alias, Roscoe Merriweather, which he first invented in the pilot.

Peter Hutter always greeted Brisco the same way, no matter what condition he was in: "Oh hello Briiiisco."

Pete Hutter died in several episodes to be brought back either in that episode or a future episode with outlandish but funny reasoning as to why he was still alive. He died in the pilot in a shoot out, Chinese death star in And Baby Makes Three and again in High Treason: Part 2 death by pitchfork.

Pete Hutter had an obsession with his gun, which he nicknamed Pete's piece.

Was the last production to film on the Laramie Street backlot set at Warner Brothers Studios. It was actually being torn down to accommodate a post-production sound facility during filming of the show, which was used to rerecord the sound for episodes whose audio tracks were disrupted by the construction of said facility.

Lord Bowler is based on Lord Baltimore from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969).

Dixie Cousins was originally supposed to be a one-time character, with Professor Wickwire's daughter Amanda serving as Brisco's recurring love interest. However, due to the popularity of the character -- as well as the great chemistry between Bruce Campbell and Kelly Rutherford -- Dixie became a regularly recurring character.

Bruce Campbell did a standing back flip during his audition. His reasoning was that because the show would be very action-packed, he wanted to impress the producers with his ability and willingness to handle himself physically.

The pilot episode featured a reporter named Jonah Collier who was played by Dan Gerrity. Collier was originally supposed to be a recurring character who would provide plot explanation at the beginning of episodes while covering news stories. The character was removed because the producers decided that the presence of Socrates Poole and his role as a provider of plot exposition made Jonah Collier unnecessary.

By the end of the show's run, only ten of the thirteen members of John Bly's gang were shown to be apprehended or killed. They were: Big Smith, Jack Randolph, Brett Bones, Blackbeard LaCutte, Winston Smiles, Juno Dawkins, Doc McCoy, Ned Zed, Pepe Bendix, and Bly himself. The remaining three gang members are unaccounted for, although it is implied that they were captured at some point before the episode "Bye Bly", based on dialog between Brisco and Bowler where they mention that Pepe Bendix is the last remaining gang member.


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