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The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch Dates : 1969 - 1974
117 episodes of 25 min
First broadcasting :
Creator(s) : Sherwood Schwartz
Producer(s) : Sherwood Schwartz
Music : Frank De Vol
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The Brady Bunch is an American television series which was broadcast between 1969 and 1974. The series features the adventures of a recomposed family, made up of two parents, Mike Brady and Carol Brady, each with three children from a previous wedding : Marcia, Peter, Jan and Bobby for Mike, and Greg, Cindy and Bobby for Carol. The family lives in a two -story house located in a suburb of Los Angeles.

The series was very popular in the United States and was broadcast in many countries around the world. She was one of the first examples of family comedy on American television channels. The series was also adapted in two television films, entitled The Brady Bunch Movie and A very Brady Sequel, as well as in a reality TV series entitled The Brady Bunch in the White House.

The credits of the series, which has become one of the most famous in television history, shows the members of the Brady family mounting a staircase by forming a rectangle. Each episode of the series features the adventures of the Brady family, which face the daily problems of family life, such as conflicts between brothers and sisters, the fears of parents concerning the education of their children, and the difficulties integration of a new family.

Although the series was broadcast over 40 years ago, it continues to be popular with an audience of all ages thanks to its warm family formula and its engaging characters. The Brady Bunch remains a television classic and continues to influence contemporary family comedies.




Filming locations:

Paramount Studios

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