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The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone Dates : 2002 - 2007
81 episodes of 42 min
First broadcasting : 27 Décembre 2003
Creator(s) : Michael et Shawn Piller
Producer(s) : Robert Petrovicz, Michael Piller, Michael Taylor
Music : Jeff Buckley, Blues Saraceno
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Dead Zone follows the adventures of Johnny Smith, who after 6 years of Coma due to a road accident wakes up and discovers that everything to change. He discovers that his mother died, that his fiancée got married, that he has a son, and above all, that he is able to visualize the past and the future by a simple physical contact with a person or an object!

The Dead Zone was an American television series created by Michael Piller and Shawn Piller, which was broadcast from 2002 to 2007 on the USA Network network. The series was based on the eponymous novel by Stephen King, published in 1979.

The intrigue of the series follows a man named Johnny Smith, who was in a coma for six years following a car accident. When he wakes up, he discovers that he has acquired psychic powers, in particular the ability to see future events by touching people or objects.

With the help of his longtime friend, Walt Bannerman, who is now the sheriff of his hometown of Cleaves Mills, Johnny tries to understand and master his new capacities while fighting for the forces that want to use them for their own profit.

The character of Johnny Smith is interpreted by actor Christopher Walken, while the role of Walt Bannerman is held by Nicholas Lea. Other important players in the series include Susan Hogan, David Ogden Stiers and Sean Patrick Flanery.

The Dead Zone was acclaimed by criticism for its staging, its intelligent intrigue and its performances of the actors. The series won several prizes, including a prize for the best science fiction/fantastic series at Saturn Awards in 2004. It was also nominated for several other prizes, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

The Actors

Anthony Michael Hall - Johnny Smith

Anthony Michael Hall

(Johnny Smith)

Nicole De Boer - Sarah Bannerman

Nicole De Boer

(Sarah Bannerman)

Chris Bruno - Sheriff Walt Bannerman

Chris Bruno

(Sheriff Walt Bannerman)


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Dead Zone is a novel by Stephen King published in 1979.

The novel was adapted to the cinema by David Cronenberg in 1983 with Christopher Walken in the role of Johnny Smith.


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