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The Greatest American Hero

The Greatest American Hero Dates : 1981 - 1983
44 episodes of 45 min
First broadcasting : ?
Creator(s) : Stephen J. Cannell
Producer(s) : Stephen J. Cannell
Music : Joey Scarbury.
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Aliens entrust to a professor, Ralph Hinkley, a costume that brings him superpowers, so that he can reign order and justice on earth. The costume, which only works with him, brings him powers such as the ability to fly, invulnerability and superhuman strength. But learning these new capacities is not without difficulty.

Ralph Super -hero (original title: The Greatest American Hero) is an American television series in 48 45-minute episodes, created by Stephen J. Cannell and broadcast between March 18, 1981 and March 3, 1983 on the ABC network. The series follows the adventures of Ralph Hinkley, a school teacher who finds himself with a superhero costume after being chosen by extraterrestrials to save the earth. The costume gives him superhuman powers, such as strength, speed, agility and ability to fly, but the instructions manual was lost, which requires Ralph to learn to master his powers as you go episodes.

Ralph's role is played by actor William Katt, who is supported by Robert Culp in the role of FBI agent Bill Maxwell and Connie Sellecca in the role of lawyer Pam Davidson. The series met with some success with the public and was nominated for several prizes, including a Primetime Emmy Award for the best artistic direction. Despite this, it was not renewed for a fourth season due to declining audiences.

Ralph Superhero stages an atypical hero, who was not born with his powers and has to face the difficulties of daily life while trying to save the world. The series addresses themes such as responsibility, friendship and self -acceptance, while offering a touch of humor thanks to the endearing personality of Ralph and the funny situations in which he finds himself. Despite its premature cancellation, Ralph Superhero remains a cult series for many science fiction and superhero fans.


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