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The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet Dates : 1966 - 1967
26 episodes of 30 min
First broadcasting : 16 janvier 1986
Creator(s) : William Dozier
Producer(s) : William Dozier
Music : Al Hirt
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This series features the adventures of Britt Reid, editor -in -chief of the Daily Sentinel, who, under the identity of the green hornet, fights crime. He is helped in his task by Kato, his valet, also an expert in martial arts and driver of the beautiful Berthe (Black Beauty), a car full of gadgets.

The Green hornet (The Green Hornet) was an American television series from the 60s which featured Van Williams in the role of the Green hornet and Bruce Lee in that of Kato, his faithful assistant.

The green hornet was actually a billionaire Play-Boy by the name of Britt Reid who, with the help of Kato, used his wealth and his genius to fight crime in the streets of Los Angeles under the coverage of criminal himself.

The green hornet was equipped with an ultra-modern car, the Black Beauty, which was equipped with high-tech gadgets such as rockets, flame throwers and smoke screens.

The series was broadcast for the first time in January 1966 on ABC, and it was canceled after only 26 episodes in July of the same year due to bad audiences.

Despite its short duration, the green hornet has become a classic of pop culture and is often cited as one of the first examples of what is now called "action comedy".

Bruce Lee became famous thanks to his role as Kato in the series, and he continued to play in other cinematographic and television productions, becoming one of the biggest stars of the action of all time.

In 2011, a new adaptation of the green hornet was produced, with Seth Rogen in the main role. This version was a box office failure and was not well received by criticism.


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