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The Invaders

The Invaders Dates : 1967 - 1968
43 episodes of 48 min
First broadcasting : 4 septembre 1969
Creator(s) : Larry Cohen
Producer(s) : Alan A Armer , Quin Martin
Music : Dominic Frontier
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French Traduire


One evening, while he is offset while driving his car, David Vincent, architect, witnesses the landing of a flying saucer. Since that night he never ceases to try to convince his fellow men that the extraterrestrials insidiously infiltrate the earth in order to colonize it ...

The invaders was an American television series broadcast between 1967 and 1968. The series was created by Larry Cohen and was produced by Quinn Martin. It was broadcast on the ABC channel in the United States and was broadcast in France under the title Les invaders.

The series tells the story of an architect by the name of David Vincent, who is the only one to have seen extraterrestrials who try to take possession of the land. Vincent then tries to convince others of the existence of these invaders and prevent them from carrying out their plans.

The series was greeted for its fascinating intrigue and its science fiction themes. It was also noticed for its successful use of special effects for the time, which helped create an atmosphere of suspense and mystery.

Despite its initial success, the series was not renewed for a second season due to high production costs and the channel's failure to find new advertisers. However, the series has won a foundation of faithful fans over the years, and has been rebroadcast on several occasions.

In summary, the invaders was an American science fiction television series from the 1960s which fascinated viewers with its intrigue and its innovative special effects for the time. Despite its initial success, it was not renewed for a second season due to high production costs and difficulties to find new advertisers.


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